Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fast Track Updates

A couple weekends ago, (yes, I'm THAT behind on blogging again) I met Kathleen and her kiddos at a pizza place nearby. When I was little, a great pizza place requirement was to have dessert pizza as well. Now-a-days it's a pizza place with arcades, bowling, bumper cars, rides, and racing!

Although this was the lamest ride there. It went up and down, and bounced so hard when it changed directions. Natalie hated it. I stood there and took video and pictures. ;)

This was more her style:

Aidan and Natalie were both tall enough to do the bumper cars. So we let them (and said our prayers they didn't get ejected) and they had SO much fun.

They even figured out (much to our surprise) how to work the controls:

Natalie sleeping backwards in her bed:

Small group last Sunday. Some strange, unrecognizable person with Avery and Natalie:

Eatin' peas:

Getting into ANYTHING within reach:

A fun breakfast-for-dinner (thank you Emily for this fantastic idea!)

Some pumpkin pancakes for the rest of us:

Dancing in the kitchen with my girls for laughs:

We dance often before or after dinner...

Love the pig tails here:

Working for smiles:

Love love love!

Digging in a box (little does she know, those are her birthday gifts)

Climbing steps:

See how big I am?

Picking on big sis:

Exploring Rudy's toes:

Inching toward the steps again:

Self pep talk:

There she goes!!


Tate Family said...

yayy love the pancakes ;) i wanna just eat little lexi up with a spoon...she is delish!

Kat @ The Midwest Momma said...

That was so much fun!! We will do it again after all the holiday madness!!!! xoxo