Thursday, November 3, 2011

Date night at Universal City Walk

Mike and I have rarely gone out for dates this past year. We have already made plans to rectify that situation, even before our trip. We decided to have a night out for us while on vacation. We went out on Friday, the night before we flew home. That may not have been the best timing (in hindsight) but we sure did have fun!

Together for nine years now:

Natalie wanted to take a picture with us (Lexi was already out for the night):

Our dinner location was Margaritaville:

Mike and I had such a good dinner together! Great food, company, and atmosphere. It was wonderful!

We did hear a few familiar songs here as well. The decor reflected a lot of the lyrics...that we sang obnoxiously loud to (everyone there did--we fit right in):

Mike stayed sober (he was driving) but I did exactly as he requested: let loose and had a great time! We were together, on vacation, and without children for the evening!

The next pictures you'll see are completely dumb, yes, I know. But Mike and I are on a mission to crack each other up on our date nights. I'm documenting it here.
They had hats everywhere!! Instead of buying, we tried them on:

Aviators...we so should have bought those!


A hot pink version of my sun hat!

Bawhahahahha! I love him, oh my goodness, I love this man:

I just couldn't pull this one off! Maybe I should have kept my drink in my hand. I don't know...

In front of a Universal sign:

They had a jumbo screen so we could watch the end of game 7!!


Another angle, I really have no clue why I took this one. I might have been the drinks Mike was buying for me...

After the Cardinals won the world series, YEAA!) Mike took me dancing in a night club. SO. MUCH. FUN. We came back to the condo, I said goodnight to Mom (who was laughing at my attempt to act sober) and crashed for 3.5 hours before we had to get up and fly home. Yep, a lovely little nap.

Thank you to my parents, who watched our girls (well, just Natalie, Lexi slept the whole time) so we could have a fun night together. We appreciate it! This entire trip went so smoothly b/c of your help. You guys are awesome, and we love you both lots!


Tate Family said...

you, my friend, are a H-O-T mama. this was an awesome post. so glad y'all had a fun night!

Kat @ The Midwest Momma said...

I am still sad you guys did not bring the hats home ;)