Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fast Track Updates

A couple weekends ago, (yes, I'm THAT behind on blogging again) I met Kathleen and her kiddos at a pizza place nearby. When I was little, a great pizza place requirement was to have dessert pizza as well. Now-a-days it's a pizza place with arcades, bowling, bumper cars, rides, and racing!

Although this was the lamest ride there. It went up and down, and bounced so hard when it changed directions. Natalie hated it. I stood there and took video and pictures. ;)

This was more her style:

Aidan and Natalie were both tall enough to do the bumper cars. So we let them (and said our prayers they didn't get ejected) and they had SO much fun.

They even figured out (much to our surprise) how to work the controls:

Natalie sleeping backwards in her bed:

Small group last Sunday. Some strange, unrecognizable person with Avery and Natalie:

Eatin' peas:

Getting into ANYTHING within reach:

A fun breakfast-for-dinner (thank you Emily for this fantastic idea!)

Some pumpkin pancakes for the rest of us:

Dancing in the kitchen with my girls for laughs:

We dance often before or after dinner...

Love the pig tails here:

Working for smiles:

Love love love!

Digging in a box (little does she know, those are her birthday gifts)

Climbing steps:

See how big I am?

Picking on big sis:

Exploring Rudy's toes:

Inching toward the steps again:

Self pep talk:

There she goes!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet Rudy

Mike and I decided several months ago that we would get a dog. We decided to wait until after our floors were done, and after we got back from Disney. We also decided we didn't want a purebred dog, (to avoid any purebred health issues) but still wanted a lab mix. We thought lab/beagle would be good. The next day I saw the ad for Rudy:

He is a lab/beagle mix, 11 weeks old, and a ball of energy.

Natalie is in love! What a joy to watch her with our new puppy.


"Monnie gave me these things so I'll stop getting into mischief for two seconds. That way she can fix my sister breakfast without me hollering at her or pulling on her legs"

*back up a second* Did you notice those gleaming floors in the previous picture. Please admire those. I never thought they would be in MY home...and certainly not with young children living there! (happy dance)

This is was Natalie's tent. She is hollering at me to stop Lexi from destroying it:

Sleepy Lexi pulled a thermal bag off the shelf and used it as a pillow:

She was done!

Natalie before church on Sunday. I love this color on my beautiful girl!

Look who is pulling up now!

New Hair

The list of improvements
1) The haircut that was botched a couple months ago is now fixed
2) Blonde highlights
3) Bangs for the first time in almost 15 years.

My Natalie trying to get into the picture and making me laugh :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I wasn't sure if I was going to get to enjoy Halloween with our kiddos or not! I had fever all night before, and the morning of Halloween, accompanied with my sinus junk. I was really feeling miserable, but after we got the fever down, I was much better. By that evening, minus some lovely congestion, I felt fine.

Behold the cutest fairy you've ever seen:

With her lovely sister Aurora:

Showing off the fairy wings:

I enjoyed making her tutu, I even made Natalie one just for fun:

We drove the girls around the neighborhood in my parents subdivision. The houses were so far apart out there, I was glad we did!
Later that evening, Bob showed up:

The next morning (Tuesday, if you're keeping track) I went to my stylist for a cut and color. I have blonde highlights and some bangs now. I haven't had bangs in over 16 years. Quite a change, but I'm liking it.  I'll get a picture on here as soon as I have an excuse to fix it. Still being sick and teaching Natalie school in my pj's doesn't quite motivate me to break out the thermal spray and iron. It's an accomplishment that I'm even wearing a bra.

There's something new going on in our lives as well. I'll share as soon as I can!

Happy Birthday Dad!

After our trip, we spent one night at home, then loaded up and drove to my parents house for a couple days. Mike and I were not feeling well with congestion and cold symptoms. Natalie and Lexi were fine at this point, and Natalie was so excited about seeing her uncle Cory, I was not going to be the one to tell her we were too sick to go. So we went!
Natalie playing with her Uncle Doug, Chase, and Uncle Cory:

Doug showing her how to hold a football:

Chasing Cory through the yard:

...and back! The expression on Chase's face is so funny. They were both laughing so hard, trying to catch him and pick on him:

Sweet Natalie:

Myself, Doug, Cory, Chase, and Natalie:

Happy birthday Dad!!

We had just a couple clusters of blue candles, but Natalie insisted we throw some pink in there too:

Lexi scooting under the coffee table:

Playing with Monnie:

Natalie hitting the ball:

Natalie and her beloved Uncle Cory:

She has already requested this picture to be put in her room:

Natalie had so much fun playing with Cory, and can't wait to see him at Christmas!