Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Monnie, I did something..."

Me: What did you do?
Natalie: Well, I think it was bad.
Me: What was it?
Natalie: I don't think I want to tell you.
Me: Why not?
Natalie: Because I don't want to get into trouble.
Me: Do I need to know about it?
Natalie: *sigh* Alright, here! (points to her feet)

She had been using markers on some paper, and I was guessing she was going to tell me she got some marker on the floor. I was actually relieved to see that it was just on her socks. Honestly, I could care less.
Me: Natalie, it's not a big deal. Just don't do it again. We don't want your clothes ruined. Why did you do that anyway?
Natalie: Well Monnie, I thought it looked kind of cool. You know, dots everywhere. I really liked it at first. Then I thought, 'Oh no. It's not coming off. Monnie's not going to like this!'

She is a gem! That sweet girl cracks me up all the time with the things that come out of her mouth...especially the WAY she says things.

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Tate Family said...

love that. precious moments. :)