Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Mike and I dedicated the girls this past Sunday. It went smoothly and was a great service!

This pretty much sums up my thought process:

After the service we had our family over for lunch. Lexi had some time to snuggle up with Nani, and then she slept for the rest of the afternoon:

Natalie had fun with her cousins! As you can see they were getting bored. LOL. This was before Mike rounded them up and gave them something to do:


Natalie opened up a couple presents from family:

This is when Mike intervened and put all four on a Wii mission:

Natalie with their cake, Lexi was still snoozing upstairs:

Just as everyone was leaving, Lexi-girl wakes up to say goodbye:


Tate Family said...

love love love how sweet and squishy lexi is. she is a doll, sarah

For Crying Out Loud said...

Congrats! Dedications are so special!