Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thank you for the beautiful dress (and tights) for Lexi!!!

...and the jammies for Natalie are adorable too!

Pop's Birthday Party

We finally got around to celebrating Pop's birthday!! Between vacations, house projects, and sickness, it was delayed a bit...perhaps a month.

Look who is showing off some skills on the rug here:

This is Lexi's "bunny face." She wrinkles up her nose and sniffs (loudly) through it. It kills me. The cuteness factor is too much!

Hanging with Nani:

Pop making angrysmileyfacestoplaywithNataliebecause
atfiveyearsoldmydaughterstilldoesnotdoaprettysmileyfacebutlooksincrediblyangry. Stuff it spell check!

This is hilarious to me. Not only b/c I think I have a similar picture of Pop's last birthday (playing with fire), but look at the expression on Natalie's face. You can see the wheels turning. Like, "Hey, that looks cool. Pop's cool, and Pop's playing with a torch of fire. Playing with fire is cool! Awesome Pop!"
Mike requested cake from the opposite of where Natalie was sitting. Smart man, that Mike.

More love for Nani:

Sweet smiles for the camera! All we have to do is tip her upside down and make whooshing noises while the photographer calls her name. Simple!

This girl was done! Tuckered out! Hanging with the guys until someone carries her sleepy buns home!

Into Everything!

Nothing can hide from Lexi these days. Natalie is just now figuring out that her toys are no longer safe.

She can be quite the aggressive little thing:

(This picture is blurred b/c she jerked my camera strap right as I took the pic)

She investigates every single speck of dust/dirt/hair/fuzz/lint on the floor!

...and finds things to chew on. She's worse than a puppy when it comes to this!

But have you ever seen a sweeter profile? Me neither.

Bath Towel Time

She loves it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Pull Ups

Lexi is into EVERYTHING! She scoots around the floor with ease now. Our latest diversion is getting her  NOT to chew on the bars of our chairs. (She got a hold of Mike's leather belt the other day and it now has Lexi teeth marks all over it!)

We are going to ignore the fact that her clothes are completely mismatched in this picture. There is a perfectly acceptable explanation as-to why she is lacking style this day. In fact, I put those pants on her (closest I could reach) while I was nursing her. That takes some skill, shimmying those on her one-handed!

"Monnie, I did something..."

Me: What did you do?
Natalie: Well, I think it was bad.
Me: What was it?
Natalie: I don't think I want to tell you.
Me: Why not?
Natalie: Because I don't want to get into trouble.
Me: Do I need to know about it?
Natalie: *sigh* Alright, here! (points to her feet)

She had been using markers on some paper, and I was guessing she was going to tell me she got some marker on the floor. I was actually relieved to see that it was just on her socks. Honestly, I could care less.
Me: Natalie, it's not a big deal. Just don't do it again. We don't want your clothes ruined. Why did you do that anyway?
Natalie: Well Monnie, I thought it looked kind of cool. You know, dots everywhere. I really liked it at first. Then I thought, 'Oh no. It's not coming off. Monnie's not going to like this!'

She is a gem! That sweet girl cracks me up all the time with the things that come out of her mouth...especially the WAY she says things.

Good Morning!

This pic is not great quality (taken with my phone) but it's so sweet of Lexi. Yes, she really is this happy 99% of the time:


Mike and I dedicated the girls this past Sunday. It went smoothly and was a great service!

This pretty much sums up my thought process:

After the service we had our family over for lunch. Lexi had some time to snuggle up with Nani, and then she slept for the rest of the afternoon:

Natalie had fun with her cousins! As you can see they were getting bored. LOL. This was before Mike rounded them up and gave them something to do:


Natalie opened up a couple presents from family:

This is when Mike intervened and put all four on a Wii mission:

Natalie with their cake, Lexi was still snoozing upstairs:

Just as everyone was leaving, Lexi-girl wakes up to say goodbye:

My Sick Baby is Cooler Than Your Sick Baby

101.4 fever right here folks. AAANNND smiling at me!

Playing peek-a-boo with a teething ring. Which doesn't work so well, but I wasn't going to be the one to tell her that.
I played along. "Wheeeere's Lexi's right eye??" "There it is!!" "YAY Lexi!" 

Ready to party at 1 o'clock in the morning! She might as well live it up....not like she can sleep well with a stuffy nose anyway. Don't worry about me, Lexi. I'll sleep when you go to college. ;)


The exterior of our house is finally done!!

Shutters are up and workers, gone!

Our spring project is going to be tearing out the stacked wood edging in front of the house, and putting in stone blocks. Then adding some nice green shrubs to fill the space. I can hear Mike groaning already...HA!

Living Room Makeover








After (We sold our big TV and plan to sell the armoire as well. Then our small flat screen can go back upstairs):

The beautiful flooring!! LOVE IT! Such an improvement from our old, worn out carpet. I had originally planned to get a much lighter flooring that this, but then I found a sale on laminate for around $.68/square ft and decided I wasn't going to be picky after all!

Now for some of my favorite things in this room:
I think this is my first official painting purchase. I loved it and had to have it.

Extra balls of yarn in a beautiful crystal bowl make for a great piece!

I would love to say I did this free-hand and I'm just that talented...but that would be a lie. ;) This is a vinyl rub-on stencil, but pretty all the same.

Another beautiful frame...I'm waiting on some of our wedding reprints to arrive so I can put our pictures in it.

Note the background wall color in the last two pictures. It's the same paint in the same room. See how it changes!? I planned that. Seriously, I did. I went with a neutral brown tone in the living room, that had subtle shades of lavender in it to complement our green sofas. (I also had a couple people to bounce ideas off of and help plan this out) It turned out exactly how I wanted it!! Mike just smiles, nods, and says, "it looks nice hon." Inside, I know he's cheering. I just know it! LOL.

Bathroom Transformation


After (shower curtain isn't quite so bright in person but I love how it shows up here too!):

EDITED to add another picture. I think this picture better represents the actual color of this shower curtain:




After (we put up 4 towel racks since all four of us share this bathroom):

Natalie told me she likes these little pieces of carpet we have in the bathroom now. LOL! Yes, dear. They're called rugs. We haven't had them for a while. (a hair dye fumble a couple years ago proved fatal to our old rugs...ahem...)

Thanks to my friend and color consultant Kat for answering my emergency calls most of the time. ;)