Friday, August 12, 2011

We Are Busy...and Worn Out!!

My ENT has finally declared me healthy, and I won't go back for 3 months now. He just might have been relieved when he walked into the room and I finally had nothing to complain about. I'm on a steroid nasal spray that smells like lilies. Weird.

The baby dedication at our church is in September. We are looking forward to it! Natalie will be dedicated at the same time as Lexi. They only offer it once a year, and because of scheduling conflicts that we COULD NOT resolve for the past four years, we have missed the opportunity to dedicate Natalie. Now the girls will be together!

Natalie has started piano lessons, and I'm completely impressed with her aptitude! She enjoys it, and I love teaching her.

Lexi is rolling around very well right now. It's funny to watch her work to get where she wants to go. No where near crawling yet, she can pull her knees up under her, but that doesn't last long. I am guessing she'll be close to ten months when she crawls. I am loving all these baby stages again! They say you only take the multitude of pictures with your first, or document everything well with your first? Pshhhaw! That doesn't apply to me, or probably any other woman who despaired of possibly never having children again.

Perhaps the biggest news for me, is that Lexi is finally sleeping better at night. She goes 12-14 hours with only ONE wake up (to eat) during that time. Ohmygoodnessitiswonderfultoactuallygetmorethanthreetofourhoursconsecutivestretchesofsleepatnight!!! 
My spell check is having conniptions about that last sentence.

Railings are going up outside as I type this. Quite noisy. Lexi was less than impressed when they started again this morning.

Mike and I are pooped, and have been complete couch potatoes the last two nights. We have swapped the girls rooms and are worn out! Because of the crappy house design (that we didn't consider when we bought it because we didn't have kids) we have walk through bedrooms upstairs. No hallway. Lexi was in the middle room, and we'd have to walk through there to get to Natalie's room. Lexi can apparently sleep soundly through the siding being redone on our house with constant sawing and hammering. Tip toe through her room when she's asleep, that little head pops up and she starts crying incessantly until you pick her up. *sigh* This was getting rather old. Natalie couldn't even go potty during the night without waking her...not to mention we'd have to make Natalie's bedtime earlier so she was in bed before Lexi. Just unfair to both girls all around! Now Lexi is in the furthest room, totally undisturbed by any of us, and happy as a clam. My only complaint is that my baby girl's room is very BLUE and I can't find any bedding to work with that. Remember the glider that I reupholstered? Doesn't match anymore. We could repaint, but I get the stink-eye from Mike any time I hint at it. I'm working on it...

If you are ever tempted to buy your five-year-old a recorder. Don't do it!!! Even if Target has them on sale for less than $2. I repeat, DON'T DO IT. You'll go insane within the first twenty minutes. 

Oh and in other minor news, we're very blessed that our house didn't catch on fire last night. Seriously. (no fault of our own...another lovely hidden problem with this house) I have some scary pics to share. Hopefully soon. Lexi is awake, rolling around in her crib and will probably be hollering at me shortly. :)

Happy Friday!!

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Tate Family said...

yayy! so glad you're healthy!! and i agree...i take TONS of pics of my 2nd, too :)