Friday, August 5, 2011


I have been fielding lots of questions about death and Heaven from Natalie. Some have me praying for wisdom, and other questions have me stifling laughter. Here is one of these conversations I wrote down minutes after we talked:

Natalie was asking about death a lot, and seemed to start getting anxious about being separated by death. I turned the conversation toward Heaven, and started describing how beautiful it is there. The streets of gold, the pearly gates, etc.

Natalie: OK Monnie, here's what we need to do, right before I die, bring me my jewelry box so when I go to Heaven, I can help decorate and make it even more beautiful!
Me: You can't take anything with you to Heaven, Natalie. Just you.
Natalie: Well how are we going to sleep if we can't even take our PJ's with us to Heaven??
Me: We don't sleep in Heaven, Natalie.
Natalie: But what do we do when it gets dark?
Me: It doesn't get dark in Heaven, Natalie. Not ever!
Natalie: *jaw drops* Do they have a store for puppies or kitties?
Me: To buy a puppy??
Natalie: Yes, I would like to buy a puppy in Heaven.
Me: No. I highly doubt they have a store in Heaven that sells pets.
Natalie: What do we eat?
Me: I don't know that we will eat.
Natalie: WHAT?! But I might get hungry!! Do we have teeth??
Me: I think so.
Natalie: Do they have chairs for us to sit on?
Me: (do I even bring up the throne for God/Jesus?) For us? I don't know.
Natalie: Do they have a clock?
Me: I have no idea. You can ask Jesus someday if they do.

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Tate Family said...

isn't it funny to see those wheels turning? wesley is so curious, too.