Friday, August 12, 2011

Electrical Issues

You are about to see why we are feeling very blessed today. As I was getting Lexi ready for bed last night, Mike unplugged something downstairs in our living room (directly under her room) and everything went dark. A/C's and fans shut off...its getting rather stuffy very quickly! Neither one of us knew what happened initially. We assumed the circuit breaker tripped, and when Mike went to flip the switch, he discovered it hadn't tripped. At the same time, I'm watching the digital display on the window a/c flicker on and off, and started to get an eerie feeling that something isn't right. Mike checks the outlet he had just unplugged something from, and sees this:

He can see it sparking. He runs downstairs to turn off the breaker, and comes back up to pull the outlet out of the wall. I am on the phone with an electrician we know for advice (he lives almost 3 hours away)  Mike talked to him, cut the outlet out, capped the wires, and once he turned the breaker back on, everything came back on. Thank goodness for having a few extra of those wire caps!!

The electrician told us we were very lucky we didn't end up with a house fire. That breaker should have tripped. He suspects (hard to tell over the phone) that the wire wasn't screwed in tight enough.

This is that wire...

The electrician will be here tomorrow morning.

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