Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 30th Mike!

Mike slept most of his birthday since he worked the night before. When he got up, his parents joined us here and we walked to a local restaurant for his birthday dinner. Well, Mike and his dad walked. Natalie fell. Dorie, Lexi, and I rode in the car. After patching Natalie's scraped knee, we were on our way again. After dinner, I drove to the store to grab his birthday cake (because I could not seem to find a few spare minutes to get it before then...) and we met back at our house.

Happy Birthday!!!

We took a few family pictures together...that didn't turn out too great. Maybe I should suggest these sometime other than the end of the day. Oh well. Although one of the pictures turned out so adorable of the girls. Crop, accept, save! Ta-Da!

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