Monday, July 11, 2011

7 Months

Our sweet Lexi is already 7 months old!

Our laughing girl is rolling all over the place now! Monnie is utilizing the pack-n-play more often when a few minutes are needed to get something done without her getting away! She is not quite sitting completely unassisted yet, but will be soon. She's getting better and better at it every day...and using those new muscles really wears her out. These days are made for wonderful, long, naps!

Lexi now has SIX teeth. Four on top, two on the bottom. All six of those teeth came in week after week for just over 5 weeks. She never fussed. Not once. The only difference was more night wakings.

Ahhh the night wakings. She was sleeping about 13 hours straight at one point. More often about 8-9 hours, wake to eat, then another 4-5 hours. That changed. These little teeth have kept her to 3 night wakings for the last 6 weeks! My surgery made this worse with the slight change in routine with others helping care for her. We are slowly getting back on track. Last night was our best night in a while!

Our little chunkers is weighing in around 18 pounds. I don't remember her length, (it's-written-down-in-her-baby-book-that's-in-her-room-where-she's-napping-and-I'm-not-about-to-risk-waking-her-just-to-go-look) but I know she's a whole inch shorter in length than Natalie was at this age. (Yep, I think it's interesting to compare their stats!)
(Forgive the shocking amount of pink/white in this picture...I just wanted to get one of her entire little body)

She loves: to be held (all the time if she had a choice), swimming, bath time, Monnie's singing, Natalie's antics, Daddy's tickling, snuggling and rocking, her musical giraffe, all sorts of baby foods, pulling Natalie's hair, squealing and making new noises, playing with her toes, and most intensely yet, nursing.

Her kisses, patting, and squeezes will steal your heart!

Lexi's eyes are still green, although a darker green right now. They might be on their way to brown, or not. Who knows! We think it's kind of neat! Her hair seem to be quite a bit lighter in color these days too.

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