Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Keep Swimming...

Natalie had been giddy all day long that we were going to go swimming. It was Lexi's first time in the water. Babies in swimsuits are just too adorable:
She was very interested in what was going on.

It was funny to watch her reaction as I waded deeper in the water with her in my arms. As the water came up to her toes, she kept inching them higher on me. LOL. I love our pool. It's less than a mile from our home, and in the evenings, the huge building behind it shades the entire swimming area. Quick picture with my girls, documenting Lexi's first time in the water!!

...and with Daddy! I couldn't get Lexi's attention, she was too focused on the water.

(Natalie was sick of pictures...I know, right?! What kind of parents are we, that make our daughter stand still and pose for pictures when she's in a water park?! Sorry Natalie!) See that handsome, hairy man?? My husband is part sasquatch. Cory has been known to (endearingly) make yeti calls at him.

We had an awesome time all together, and Lexi seemed very content in the water for about 40 minutes. Then she was done. Mike took Natalie back over to the preschool play area while I changed a fussy Lexi and got her back into dry clothes. I lounged in the shade with my baby and watched Natalie and Mike play. They got back to find Lexi sound asleep on me.

We stayed until the pool closed (8pm) and then headed home. I LOVE these kind of evenings.

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Kat said...

Too cute. I am so jealous. We finally have a pool that is even CLOSE to that now that we are in JC. Columbia sucks for that!