Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm Here

I find the actual medical names for the procedures (I had) sound more impressive:

nasal endoscopy
maxillary antrostomy
total ethmoidectomy

All of the above were for my sinuses...NOT anything exterior. I did not get a "nose job"...that is very much the same, just perhaps a bit more swollen right now.

My parents were with me, Mike and his mom were with the girls. I think it worked out best that way.
Everything during surgery went smoothly. Recovery was not that pleasant. I was choking on blood, so had to sit upright and let it drain out my nose...changing the pad every 10-15 minutes. I was so tired, and just wanted to sleep but that wasn't possible with what was going on. We were concerned about the amt of blood that was draining and not showing any signs of slowing down. I was so glad mom was with me. She did all my nursing care, as our nurse was rarely seen. The bleeding went on for hours, and finally we saw some improvement. I started eating and feeling much better.

I think I came home around 4ish. Natalie was nervous to see me...I looked like crap with a blood-soaked pad taped to my face. Not very reassuring to a 5-year-old. She was very sweet and concerned. All she needed was some snuggling, and reassurance that I was just fine. Then she was happy again. Natalie is as empathetic as a child can be. 

The surprising aspect of this whole ordeal is the lack of pain. I expected much worse, but really it's been nothing compared to the horrible pain I had with my sinus infections. Today I've been up and able to function. Lexi's swinging arms make me quite nervous, but so far no collisions with my face.

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