Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Tears

Yesterday morning, Natalie and Lexi were in bed with me. We usually spent several minutes there while we all I wake up, talking and playing. Natalie is always in a fantastic mood in the mornings and was playing with Lexi and getting some great smiles and giggles from her. She leans down, kisses Lexi's cheek and hugs her several times. Then leans back and starts wiping her eyes.

Me: Natalie, are you okay?
Natalie: My eyes are watering. I just love her so much, Monnie that my eyes are watering...but I'm not sad.

She looked a little confused about her emotional reaction, and I was glad to explain to her what a happy-cry is. I was surprised to the depth of her response to Lexi. I mean, I get choked up often between these two sweet girls, but I never thought that my five-year-old would too. I just thought she was a little young to experience that. I'm glad I was wrong. It was amazing to witness, and then scoop them both up in my arms and thank God for these moments.

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