Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day was rather uneventful around here. I had the cards and gifts ready for Mike beforehand so Natalie practically threw the gift bag at him in excitement first thing in the morning. He opened his gifts in bed with all three of us surrounding him. We didn't get to church because I couldn't go, nor could I stay home and care for Lexi on my own yet. Natalie was disappointed but fine with it once we told her she could still wear her church dress. (This girl loves to dress up!)

Somehow, the hanger for the dress ended up downstairs. Later that afternoon, (Mike was upstairs) Natalie found the hanger and started up the stairs with it, yelling:

Natalie: Daddy!! Here's a hooker!
Mike: What??
Natalie: I've got a hooker for you! Here! It's a hooker!
(I'm watching this unfold, realizing Mike can't see the hanger in her hand...and I'm snorting with laughter)
Mike: WHAT?!?! ...oh...a hanger, Natalie.
Natalie: Yeah, a hanger.

Mike came downstairs and sees me still laughing.
Me: Well, Happy Father's Day to YOU!
Mike: I know, right!

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