Monday, June 27, 2011

Church Promotion

It's that time of year when all the kids in Sunday School move up to their next classroom. Natalie has moved from her beloved pre-K rooms to the K-1 room. She was just a bit unsure when we dropped her off, but did well. After church we asked her how she liked it.
Natalie: Well, I was cold.
Me: Yeah, it was kind of cold in church this morning.
Natalie: ...and I was bored.
Me: Wait, you mean you didn't have anything to do, or you just didn't get to play as much as you liked?
Natalie: I didn't get to play as much.
Me: Oh, well that's good Natalie, it means you'll be learning more. Anything else?
Natalie: They didn't have snacks, Monnie!!
Me: (stifling laughter) Oh, no!!

It's funny to hear her upset about the lack of snacks, as that was where my interest was when I was that age. My dad would ask me every day what we had for snack at preschool. The quality of those snacks determined whether or not it was a good or bad day. Not kidding. Some things never change!

I was thankful for the comic that morning was very difficult for me in an unexpected way. As we dropped Natalie off in her K-1 classroom, then dropped Lexi off in the nursery, the gap between them was so painfully obvious. (more so than usual) We don't have a child to drop off in the pre-K area. None of those babies (that should have been in pre-K now) are here with us, and those losses still hurt. It will always hurt. Even with Lexi here now, I still desperately miss what should have been. I think of those babies often, and usually with acceptance of what happened, and even a smile knowing how hilariously and blissfully overwhelmed I will be to have them all pile in my arms someday. It just seems that when something happens unexpectedly that makes me miss them, or I notice their absence all of a sudden...I get very upset and more emotional than usual. It's hard. Even worse when it's in public. 

So I was so happy to laugh at Natalie's dismay at the lack of snacks in Sunday School. I held her hand, and snuggled Lexi under my chin extra tight as we headed to the car. Thank you God for the sweet children we do have...and please let their be snacks next week.

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