Friday, May 20, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet??

We have just survived sixteen days of illness in our home. Let me tell you about my month thus far: Natalie had a virus that lasted a week. It consisted of a high (104 degree) fever for almost 3 days, a trip to the pediatrician to confirm it was indeed, a virus. Then a 2 day break with increasing congestion, then the worst cold symptoms ever. Lexi also caught this, although her fever was only about 102 for a couple days. That's still pretty high for a baby. Then the rest followed the same pattern...a couple day break, then horrible congestion. Coughing sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose. It was sad. After Natalie had been feeling fine, minus a lingering cough, she spiked a fever matched with ear pain. I took her back to the pediatrician and he confirmed the ear infection. It was her first one ever. I feel fortunate she made it five years before experiencing this. That's pretty rare. By-the-way, it doesn't matter how you "flavor" liquid amoxicillin for kids, it still tastes like crap. Oh, and then I came down with this virus only a day or so later. I was in bed for about 2.5 days with the horrible sinus drainage and headaches from the pressure. I couldn't take any decongestants either because anything that dries up the drainage, will dry up a milk supply as well. I knew you'd want to know that! :) Anyway, it was not fun. Mike kept the house going and took care of the girls while I was not functioning. He is fabulous! (I'm sure he just cringed as he read that! Ha!) Oh, and Lexi seems more congested the last two days again. *sigh* round-and-round we go!

Other things have been going on around here too! I am in the midst of decorating our home. I always kept things neutral because I didn't expect we would be here this long. We decided not to sell, and I told Mike that I would now be unleashing all my decor ideas all over this house. One word: COLOR! I have taken before and after pictures, and will share them as each room is completed. The kitchen is almost done. Our living room, bedroom, and both bathrooms will be painted as well. Oh and the entire main floor of our home will soon have laminate flooring. YAY! (I loathe our carpet) And, as always, this is done for everything.

We also had a bit of storm damage and our insurance claim has just gone through. We are getting our roof patched, all new gutters, all new siding, and we will also be replacing the front porch railing and supports. Several different companies are competing to win this bid. Our home will look completely different when I finish picking out the exterior color. All I can say is GOODBYE WHITE!

In other news, I found the perfect pair of pants. Seriously people, they were just made for me. If you're a woman, you know what it's like to find those pants. I'm embarrassed to say I did a little happy dance in the dressing room. Lexi laughed at me. Don't care! I have amazing pants now.

I am also going to a concert next Friday! I have wanted to see this concert for years...more on that later. In the mean time please join me in prayer that Lexi will start taking a bottle again soon. How ridiculous is it that a baby refuses a bottle?! She was doing fantastic on this quite a while ago, and so we took a break for a while...and really, we just didn't think about it. (She could take a bottle. Great! We knew we can give her one when needed) Uhm, not so much. Our little picky-pants has regressed and now refusing again. I have several opinions from friends/family that she's just being difficult because I'm in the room, and if she were truly hungry, she would take one...especially if I'm not around. I really hope that's true, but for my own peace-of-mind, I would love for her to take one again BEFORE I have to leave her for the evening.

I am gearing up to start making baby food again. This time around, I have the cadillac of food processors and won't be grinding or mashing by hand anymore. This will make it so much easier! Lexi will get started with rice cereal soon, probably within the next week. After that she will get to experience squash and avocados first. I honestly feel giddy that I get to experience all this again.

My ten year reunion is coming up fast! Another fun night out with my husband that I am very much looking forward to!

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