Thursday, April 28, 2011


We spent the holiday weekend with my family. Natalie was delighted to wake up and find the Easter bunny had visited her!

Somehow that rabbit knew to bring her a pinwheel that Monnie had refused to buy her the week before.

"Miss eyebrows" making faces, as usual. :)

I remember last year on Easter...we had just recently found out we were expecting again. The first blood draws had been really encouraging, but we were nervously waiting for the results of the second one. I kept thinking, "if this baby can just hang in there, next Easter we will have a precious baby to hold!!" It was indeed extra special to us this year. 

She was grinning most of that morning:

After church, we took a few family pictures.

All of us:

The girls with my parents:

I was trying to show off her Easter dress:

Mike's girls:

Natalie couldn't wait to get downstairs to find eggs! Thanks to our friends who helped us stuff all 72 of them the night before!

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