Thursday, April 28, 2011


We are so glad to hear that our family down south is all OK! We heard you had a little bit of weather...

Jumping Abilities

Lexi is playing on the floor while I'm in the kitchen cutting up a cantaloupe to go with our lunch. Natalie is playing next to her, and showing her some toys. Then I hear Natalie say:

"Hold still Lexi, I'm just going to jump over you. Ready? Onnnnne, twooooo---"


I run into the room to see her 1/2 crouched, ready to jump over Lexi. She tells me in such a calm voice, "it's no big deal, Monnie, I was just going to jump over her." I explain we do NOT jump over Lexi to test our skills. Ever.
I wonder how many gray hairs that added...

Puppy Dogs & Bath Time

Doug's german shepherds had puppies a couple weeks ago. I kept getting texts throughout the day from him, updating me on the number of puppies they were up to. It was starting to sound like very familiar disney movie. The final number is ten. While we were in town, they welcomed us over to see the pups. Oh my goodness they are so cute!! They look like little bears, and the noises they make are hilarious.
Doug was busy helping Natalie hold them.

It's quite possible she picked up every single one of them before we left!

While Natalie was trying to keep them orderly (we had to tell her to stop trying to line them up...they lay in a dog pile on purpose to keep warm) Doug had Lexi and entertained her with the air compressor. She really was interested in it. Doug seemed pretty happy she liked his power tools. :)

Later that evening, Lexi got a bath in the kitchen sink again.
We always have to keep our arm underneath her. She'll dive for anything she wants. Thankfully our arms make great chew toys too.


We spent the holiday weekend with my family. Natalie was delighted to wake up and find the Easter bunny had visited her!

Somehow that rabbit knew to bring her a pinwheel that Monnie had refused to buy her the week before.

"Miss eyebrows" making faces, as usual. :)

I remember last year on Easter...we had just recently found out we were expecting again. The first blood draws had been really encouraging, but we were nervously waiting for the results of the second one. I kept thinking, "if this baby can just hang in there, next Easter we will have a precious baby to hold!!" It was indeed extra special to us this year. 

She was grinning most of that morning:

After church, we took a few family pictures.

All of us:

The girls with my parents:

I was trying to show off her Easter dress:

Mike's girls:

Natalie couldn't wait to get downstairs to find eggs! Thanks to our friends who helped us stuff all 72 of them the night before!

Duct Tape

(Natalie is messing with a broken toy)

Natalie: Monnie, will you please fix this?
Me: Natalie, it's broken, and that's not the kind of toy you can fix.
Natalie: Oh c'mon. Just get some duct tape.
Me: Duct tape won't work on this, sorry hon.
Natalie: Yes it will
Me: No, it won't.
Natalie: Yes it will, Monnie. Uncle Doug said duct tape will fix anything!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tummy Time

Random pictures

More playtime:

While Lexi played, Natalie was on the sofa, sick. She had another stomach flu last week. It was short lived, and thankfully no one else got it. My poor girl has had her share of illness this winter. :(

I was trying to get a picture of Lexi's GREEN eyes!

This is how I Roll Swing

Help! I'm stuck!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Pictures

Time With Family

We spent Saturday afternoon/evening enjoying time with our family.
Pop working for some Lexi smiles:

Nani playing with Lexi toes:

Soon after we got there, we had our family pictures taken in the backyard. Brad worked the camera and Dorie shook noisy toys to get the girls attention. Considering how difficult it is to get 2 little ones to cooperate, I think they turned out fantastic!! More on that later...

Natalie spent the afternoon running around outside and playing in their basement. Lexi got her tummy full and then took a great nap. Dorie, Abbey, and I took that opportunity to make a Carter's run, and I might have gotten a little carried away there. Maybe.

We came back to the house after receiving "several" texts that dinner was ready. Of course Lexi wakes up right before we eat, so she got to join us on the patio in her bouncy chair. The weather couldn't have been more pleasant.

Lexi was more serious than usual during our visit...probably just taking in the surroundings. Later that night after we got home, she gave us her first belly laugh. Mike got her to laugh by "getting" her and having her do karate motions. Yep. I told you we were trying anything and everything to get her to laugh!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Happy Table

Mike has nicknamed Lexi's changing table as the "happy table"
Every time we put her on it to change her,
we get lots of cooing,
lots of talking,
and of course, those beautiful smiles!
Not to mention, those melt-your-heart drool-y grins!!


Monnie & Lexi

These were taken right after Lexi's pediatrician apt Tuesday afternoon. She was so content just watching Mike and Natalie play while sitting on my lap:

She looks like a completely different baby when she isn't smiling!

Natalie wanted to take a couple pictures, so Mike handed her the camera. I held up Lexi...

and she tried to eat me!!