Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Happening Here

We are all healthy!! Amazing, I know. Even my stupid eyelash worked it's way out without any intervention needed.

Lexi had her 2 month checkup (3 weeks late due to illness) and handled her immunizations as if they were nothing. Slept a little more than usual, mild fever, but no fussiness or any other issues. Her doctor is thrilled that she is growing well and nursing without supplements. He is also impressed with how well she is sleeping...possibly flustered that we've now had two children who are great sleepers.

I am getting ready to start buying materials for Natalie's kindergarten year. She will be homeschooled and I am looking forward to it! Someday, when we live in a good school district, we'd like her to experience public schools. For now, we are happy to homeschool her. She is SO ready for kindergarten!

We are loving our church, as usual! This past Sunday Mike's parents were able to join us for the first time, and we witnessed 19 baptisms!!! There were 27 total, including 1st service. It was incredible! Mike and I are also in the process of starting up a small group bible study with another couple from church. We are looking forward to it!

Mike and I are about to start on some projects around the house as well. We will be painting several rooms, updating the kitchen a bit, and installing new laminate flooring on the main level. I can't wait!!! I've got everything planned out, and will be taking before/after pictures, as it will be a big change!! Most of all, I'm looking forward to working alongside my husband on these projects. Even if he isn't a big fan of home-improvement, we enjoy working together and having a good time!

Another new thing I'm trying is cloth diapering. So far, I love it! It's so much easier than I'd ever imagined and does a better job at containing Lexi messes. :)

I will also be updating the blog a bit, I think mainly a new web address that eliminates our last name from the title. I have a creative friend helping with name ideas...stay tuned!

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Kat said...

Oooh I want LOTS of pictures of your house changes. I LOVE seeing that!!! Good luck...Chad is too much of a perfectionist and I am too "creative" to work on those things together hehehe