Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is That Smell??

One of favorite times of the day is when I finally get to fall into bed at night. The girls have been taken care of, and are blissfully asleep. I've gone non-stop all day catering to everyone else's needs. Now its me time. I get to relax, watch a little tv, read until my vision blurs, then sleep.

A couple nights ago, Mike and I were laying on our bed chatting when I kept getting a whiff of something awful. After sniffing around, I recognized the all too familiar eau de spit up smell...and it was coming from my pillow. Apparently when we had Lexi on our bed earlier that day, she spit up all over my pillow. I had no idea at the time...very stealth of her. I held my pillow under Mike's nose so he could enjoy the awful smell too, and then changed pillow cases.

There is something about moments like these, (when you find reminders of your kids around the house after they're asleep) that bring a smile to my face. No matter how odd or gross those reminders might be. I occasionally find crumbs in my bed from Natalie's snack...that shouldn't have been in my bed in the first place! Toys on the stairs, a crayon in the sofa, or something furry next to my leg in bed that turns out to be a missing stuffed animal. They all make me smile. Even the dried spit up on my pillow. Why? It's all evidence of how blessed we are.

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