Thursday, March 3, 2011

Way to go Sarah!

Me and my big mouth. Bragging about being healthy on the blog yesterday. I should have known better! Argh! **forehead smack!**

Sweet Natalie came down with some kind of stomach bug today. Didn't hit her until we were in the van. (How is it that kids always manage to vomit in the car?! This has always perplexed me. Seriously. The huge project of disassembling and cleaning car seats is something I could do in my sleep by now) Anyway, she tends to panic and flail her hands when she vomits, which flings it everywhere. Got to use the pet carpet cleaner again.

So she's on the sofa with 102 degree fever, watching Rudolf the Red Nosed March. Because she's sick and I will let her do whatever she wants if it makes her feel better.

So apparently the plague illness isn't done in our house yet. Please send up a prayer for Natalie to get well, and another one for Lexi to stay well.

We will be keeping our sense-of-humor intact to get us through yet another yucky few days.

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Doug said...

Maybe it's her mothers driving? Just a thought. I'm just saying.