Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lexi has been more and more active during her awake times. She is no longer happy just lounging in our arms. She wants to be held upright so she can look all around, or even better, playing on the floor in her play gym:

This week I have started putting her in the exer-saucer...with a little tweaking to accommodate her more comfortably:

She loved being upright, and I stayed with her to keep her from wobbling too much. Head control is still a skill she is learning to master.

This picture cracked me up! She doesn't look too impressed here:

Playing and making noise:

Done playing, ready to move on to something else!

Her bumbo is something she is just now getting used to. She gets tired of it easily, but seems to enjoy it for the couple minutes she's in it. I love how Natalie is always right there with her!

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