Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Cookware!

Mike and I received a set of cookware for our wedding that I really liked. It worked well, but the non-stick surface was starting to wear. I guess I can't complain, I used it almost every day for 6 years. I wanted our next set of cookware to last the rest of our lives. I did a LOT of research and decided on the Cuisinart multi-clad pro stainless steel cookware. It is equivalent to the all-clad brand, and even rated better in certain criteria. Bonus? It is about half the cost.
Here is our pretty new set!

So shiny!

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For Crying Out Loud said...

Thanks for doing the research! Mike and I JUST cleaned out our pots and pans and had to throw away a ton. Many of which were wedding gifts. We commented that we need to get married again...we need new stuff! It has been nearly 14 years...time for new stuff. So thanks for researching for me! ;)