Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lexi's First Bottle

I made the mistake of waiting too long to give Lexi a bottle. I think you're supposed to start feeding breastfed babies a bottle (every few nights) once they are a couple weeks old. Why? Because if they only eat from the breast for so long, then they will refuse anything else. That, or have trouble swallowing from a bottle b/c it flows faster and they aren't used to that. I made this same mistake with Natalie. (You think I would learn...) It took several encouraging tries to get Natalie to finally drink from a bottle. I waited even longer with Lexi and was now dreading it, because Lexi refuses ANYTHING other than me. She won't even take a pacifier. ANY pacifier. Oh dear.

So we started with just a 1/2 ounce because I didn't want to pump waste any more than necessary. See this? Daddy gets to finally feed her and she is pushing that nipple out of her mouth. Totally refusing it, as expected:

A few seconds later, she realized there was milk in there, and latched right on. We were shocked! She drained the bottle, as if she had been bottle-feeding her whole life:

Mike is still feeling pretty rotten, but he really enjoyed feeding his little girl:

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