Monday, February 21, 2011

How Was My Day??

Why I am so glad you asked! It has been an interesting one.

Lexi actually slept for 9 hours straight, nursed, then back to sleep again until I had to wake her. I was headed to the ophthalmologist because my eye freaking hurts!! The past few days it has been horribly red in the corner and painful, but no other symptoms.

So after waking Lexi, I start changing her diaper and she shoots poo over a distance of THREE feet. I am NOT exaggerating. It covered her changing table (and everything on it) and a couple feet of carpet as well. Oh my goodness, child. After getting over my initial shock of what happened and my dismay of how she did this again, I yelled for Mike to come hold her feet up and out of the mess while I cleaned it all up. Mike worked on the carpet stains later. I was laughing at the irony that we were finally using the carpet stain remover that was formulated for pet stains. :)

I get to the doctors office (with Lexi in tow) and start filling out paperwork. Lexi starts crying and will. not. stop. I pick her up out of her seat to discover that she has had yet another blow out and has soaked through her onesie AND sleeper. At this point, all I can do is laugh...until I realize I have nothing else to put on her. I take off the onesie which has taken most of the damage, and put the sleeper back on her. Sorry honey.

I catch a glimpse of the doctor. He is a dinosaur much older man than I expected. In his upper 70's. In fact, this whole establishment is a little dated. There isn't a computer in sight, and the receptionist was using a typewriter. Not kidding. At least it was electric. When I handed her my debit card to pay the co-pay, I about fell over when she said they don't accept credit or debit cards, only cash or check.

They call me back to the exam room and Lexi is still fussing and unhappy. I am feeling the repercussions for waking her up earlier. (Lexi is overall a very happy baby, but when she gets upset, she is hard to soothe because she won't take a pacifier. We can bounce her around in our arms, or I can put her to my breast. That's about it. How I wish she would take a pacifier!!) So when the doctor walks in, I am sitting in the chair with Lexi latched onto me. It didn't bother either of us a bit, and I truly appreciate his understanding. She isn't even nursing, just using me as a pacifier and staring up at me. Those beautiful bright eyes can get just about anything from me...

I had to lean way over her to get my head on the chin-rest-thingy so he could look into my eye. Immediately he saw the problem. I have an eyelash stuck in my tear duct! Apparently it's pretty far down in there, and he had trouble getting to it. But it is obviously still coming back up into the eye, which is what is causing the pain and irritation. He used various instruments, but to no avail. I left with a Rx for some drops, and prayers that it will resolve on its own. I see him again on Friday, and if it isn't better by then, I may be referred to a surgical ophthalmologist. Prayers please.

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