Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Eve

Mike cleaning the snow off the car...heading to work:

Our original plans for Christmas Eve were to spend the day and evening with Mike's family. snowed! Instead, Mike worked most of that morning, slept, then went back to work that night. The roads weren't great, so it was just me and my girls. Usually during "snow call's" (when Mike is working long hours and sleeping the entire time he is home) I am anxiously awaiting him to be done! Those are long days without him, at times overwhelming or lonely. **Hats off to single moms!** However, this time was special. It dawned on me: when will I ever get to spend Christmas Eve with just my girls again? We enjoyed the day together, Natalie and I did fun things around the house with Lexi in my arms. It was simply perfect.

The next day was even better when our families could be all together again for Christmas. :)

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