Monday, January 24, 2011


A couple weeks ago, we were visiting my parents and Mike had to go back to work because of snow. The girls and I stayed behind, and I took Natalie sledding for the first time. My mom took these pictures from their deck.
Natalie making snow angels:

After the first run together, Natalie insisted she was done because the snow was flying in her face. I told her I could sit in front, and then she would be shielded from the snow. We tried that, and she had a blast! We went again and again with me sitting in front, and her hanging on for dear life:

It took quite a bit of "uhmph" to stop us so we wouldn't collide with the trees!

Trekking back up the hill:

Our last run:

Daddy's Girl

Natalie always wants to be where her daddy is. It's no wonder, they are always playing together. Usually it's dolls, princesses, stuffed animals, or other make-believe games. This day, Mike got a break and had fun playing with cars and they went racing:

I believe Natalie's car got behind, and she started running to catch up and pass Daddy's car:

Shoulder rides:

She even insists on dressing like her daddy...if you haven't noticed in previous pictures! :)

Dish Washer

Natalie LOVES to wash dishes in the sink. This all started at my parents house a couple weeks ago, and she insisted she help wash them every night. On the night we ordered take out (no dirty dishes) she was so disappointed! Ohh Natalie, I hope you are always so enthusiastic about chores! :)

Chunkers my loving nickname for Lexi. As you can see, she is growing well! Just as a baby should!

Jen & Rob Visit!

Jen and Rob were just getting back from their overseas trip to the holy land, and came to visit us! They could only stay a few hours, but we enjoyed seeing them so much!! Jen is a very close friend of mine (she was my maid of honor in our wedding) and unfortunately, we live 5 hours away from each other. Jen is now expecting their first baby this summer, and we couldn't be happier for them!
Here is the beautiful mom-to-be holding our little one:

Lexi at 1 month

(obviously informal, taken right here on the sofa...but that's how it goes in cold/flu season)

Monday, January 17, 2011


I am almost caught up on blogging. I have a few more pictures to share, but that will have to wait for another day.

Today was my 6 week postpartum checkup which went very well. My doctor is impressed that I've lost all but 7 lbs of my pregnancy weight. My recovery this time has been a snap compared to last time! I have physically felt great the entire time...I was up and walking around shortly after I had Lexi, and never even needed pain medicine.

Lexi's 1 month checkup was 2 weeks ago and she has gained over 2 lbs. Her pediatrician is very pleased. She is filling out very well (we laugh because she already has 3 creases in her thighs alone!) and is now sleeping much better at night. Until this week, she was sleeping about 3-3.5 hour stretches. Now she is sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch and going back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. Thank you GOD!! All this means I can now function at a higher level than just "survival" Ha!! She is also giving out smiles quite regularly which can melt any heart.

Natalie is still doing excellent with Lexi, so loving and affectionate with her. This has been a much easier transition for her than I expected. Lexi is also a very easy baby...just like Natalie was. For those of you who said my second baby would be "hell-on-wheels" you were wrong! LOL! Thankfully so! :) It is still a more difficult transition for me this time around because I can't sleep anytime Lexi sleeps. (I still have to function during the day for Natalie) But Mike has been wonderful and helped me grab extra sleep here and there when desperately needed. He's just the best!

6th Anniversary

6 years ago (on January 1, 2005) I married my best friend. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I feel so blessed to be a part of creating our happy home.

Mike and I had planned to go out to dinner with our girls for our anniversary. When he called the restaurant, the wait was close to an hour! Uhm...not a good idea with small children. We were scrambling for plan B! We ended up ordering and picking up our dinner but Mike was still bummed our anniversary dinner ended up somewhat lame. I lit a candle at our table to make it more fancy. HA!

We got the girls in bed and I poured a glass of wine for each of us and we played Donkey Kong Country on the Wii. Honestly, I loved the whole evening. It might sound completely boring to someone else, but we spent time together and had fun. That's what counts!

Mike took a couple pictures of me with my girls. I love them both!!

Then (on our honeymoon in the Bahamas) and now:

Natalie took that last one of us. She did a fantastic job handling that big camera!!

New Years Eve

We invited Mike's family over to continue their tradition of ordering Chinese food on New Years Eve. Brad and Abbey brought their new puppy, (Lily) and Natalie was thrilled to get to play with her.

Reading a book with Pop and Nani:

I caught Lily licking Pop's foot!

Natalie and Pop with the two dogs:

Later that night as the ball dropped: Natalie was sleeping, Mike was working, and I was in bed nursing Lexi. (such a precious moment!) I called Mike to wish him a happy new year, and happy anniversary. I opened the blinds to watch the huge (illegal) fireworks display in our neighborhood and Lexi looked up at me, cooed, then filled her diaper. Overfilled would be more accurate. I spent the next 20 minutes cleaning her up and rinsing out clothes. LOL.

Happy New Year!!!

White Christmas

The view in my parents backyard after the snow:

Our family from Southern California came to visit shortly after Christmas. We found it hilarious that one of them didn't know how to make a snowball...LOL! All in good fun. :) We enjoyed their company!

Mom made fantastic meals and it was so beautiful in her new dining room:

Natalie playing Noah's Ark with Uncle Cory and PawPaw before we headed home:


Mike got home from work around 7am, slept for about 2 hours before Natalie pounced on us, ready to open gifts!
Here is the Santa offering for this year:

Natalie sees her gifts from Santa:

A movie she has wanted for some time:

Her ornament (princesses of course):

The original plan for Christmas morning was to spend it with my family since we haven't done that in 4 years! Then their plans changed, so we decided we would spend that morning with just us in our own home, not rushing to go anywhere. However, because of the snow ruining our plans with Mike's family the day before, we still wanted to see them and headed on over after we finished opening gifts at our house. Here is Pop with his grand-girls:

A "musical" hippo:

A new t-shirt that matches Daddy's...she was thrilled!

Because Natalie loved Mimi's stuffed dog when we visited their house back in October, Mimi bought her one of her own for Christmas. Natalie's reaction was priceless!

She loves this dog:

After Christmas at Mike's parents, we went to my aunt's house for dinner (where I didn't get a single picture of everyone) then drove to my parents house later that night. Believe it or not, we opened presents at around 11pm, and Natalie was SO well behaved.

Lexi found a great spot on PawPaw's shoulder during the chaos:

Christmas Eve

Mike cleaning the snow off the car...heading to work:

Our original plans for Christmas Eve were to spend the day and evening with Mike's family. snowed! Instead, Mike worked most of that morning, slept, then went back to work that night. The roads weren't great, so it was just me and my girls. Usually during "snow call's" (when Mike is working long hours and sleeping the entire time he is home) I am anxiously awaiting him to be done! Those are long days without him, at times overwhelming or lonely. **Hats off to single moms!** However, this time was special. It dawned on me: when will I ever get to spend Christmas Eve with just my girls again? We enjoyed the day together, Natalie and I did fun things around the house with Lexi in my arms. It was simply perfect.

The next day was even better when our families could be all together again for Christmas. :)

Cory Visits

Cory stopped by our house before Christmas. He and Natalie had a blast racing back and forth through our house...the video is even better with Natalie hollering at him and giggling.

Apparently she threw him down to win the race...

MawMaw was content to watch while snuggling with Lexi:

Natalie is watching a tv show on Uncle Cory's iphone:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Deer...

As the four of us were heading back home the Monday before Christmas, we hit a deer with our new (to us) minivan. It was dark and we were on a 2 lane highway. Mike was driving and didn't even have time to brake or honk the horn. It ran behind an oncoming car, and then in front of us. We didn't see it until the moment we hit 60 mph. Mike had absolutely no reaction, just coasted us off to the side of the road as smoke was barreling out of the engine.

I yelped when we hit the deer, I was so shocked! The sound of the impact (and my yelping) startled Lexi out of sleep and she was screaming. Natalie was scared but she and I just kept talking. Mike and I were immediately on our phones (thank GOD for cell phones!!!) calling AAA, our insurance, hwy patrol, and someone to come get us. We sat on the side of the road for almost 2 hours.

Other than the inconvenience of hitting that darn deer, we were very, VERY blessed:
1. Unseasonably mild weather, we stayed warm without the van heater
2. Hwy patrol was there within minutes to help slow down traffic
3. We didn't get hit again
4. Mike was able to get us to the side of the road in the first place
5. Our "hazardous" situation with young children bumped us to the top of the list for a tow truck
6. Natalie was so incredibly well behaved and calm
7. Free towing because I pay the extra AAA fee every year
8. The deer did NOT come up into the windshield...which probably could have easily happened with a smaller vehicle.
9. Most importantly, NO ONE was hurt.

Mike and I very much felt God's presence and protection there with us that evening.

My Dad was there about an hour after I called him, he arrived at the same time as the tow truck. We hopped in his car and met the tow truck and hwy patrol in a parking lot about 2 miles down the road to transfer our stuff out of the van. I was so happy to get off the side of the road. Thank you so much for coming to get us, Dad!! You're the best!!

It was a long night. Natalie stated it best as we pulled back into my parents driveway, "What. A. Night. *sigh*"

Here is a picture of our van, and the $4600 of damage:

...thank goodness for good car insurance. The van is not totaled, it is currently in the shop and we will have it back by this weekend.

Weekend Before Christmas

We headed back to my hometown for a few reasons:
1. Mom needed her cleaning lady to clean the house before the holidays...
2. We hadn't seen my parents since Lexi was born because they had colds
3. Our minivan needed some work done and we get it serviced there.

MawMaw had her grand kids helping decorate the tree downstairs with her. Natalie was thrilled to help...and was a pro at this by now:

I love this next picture. It was not posed at all. Lexi was bright eyed and I called Mike over to come talk to her. He did, and Natalie jumped on his back to see Lexi (who was now staring at Daddy) Mom had my camera and took this:

Playing cars with PawPaw:

Natalie and MawMaw often go throw old apples outside for the deer that visit their yard frequently. I think MawMaw was trying to get her to come inside, but Natalie was having too much fun stomping in the leaves below the deck!

This picture is one of my favorites. Mom is not going to like her just-rolled-out-of-bed-haven't-even-brushed-my-hair-or-had-coffee picture posted on my blog for all to see, but I'm posting it anyway. (your nails look fabulous, Mom!) ;) The story behind this picture is that Lexi had been up since 5AM this particular morning. At 6:45, I knew Mom would be up getting ready for work. So I took Lexi out in the kitchen to surprise her. (We were leaving that day and had already said goodbye the night before) Within just a couple minutes, Lexi was snoozing in her arms. They sat snuggled up together while the sun was rising and I got to take this beautiful picture:

...told you it was a beautiful picture.

Snowman Jammies!

Natalie and Lexi were both given matching jammies this year. I couldn't wait to take their pictures wearing them!

Lexi was still jaundice, which wasn't all that noticeable until she was next to our fair-skinned Natalie! :)

Oh, how I love these girls!

This was not a great picture, but still turned out to be one of my favorites...I love Natalie's expression because you can just hear her cracking up by looking at the photo.

Sweet Lexi...with her eyes actually open!

Lifting her head (very well) at less than 2 weeks old: