Thursday, December 8, 2011

Natalie gets glasses

Natalie did something unusual during her routine eye exam at the pediatrician's office several months ago. We were then referred to the pediatric optometrist. We never suspected anything wrong with her vision. In fact, we thought she had great vision! So I was quite surprised when he discovered that one of her eyes has problems. In fact, her vision in her left eye has been poor for so long, her right eye has compensated. By that, I mean about 90% of her vision is through her right (good) eye, and only 10% from her left. Which explains why we never noticed the vision problem. So although she will always have to have a lens for her left eye, the good news is that she is at an age where part of this can be corrected and the left eye can be strengthened. We just have to patch the good eye for 2 hours a day, to force that left eye to work and get strong.

Here is our girl in her new glasses:

She has two pair, but these are by-far her favorite!

We ordered her glasses online, and paid $29 for each pair. If you've ever owned a pair of glasses, you know that's a tenth of what most cost! Mike ordered 3 pair for himself for a total of $32. I would highly recommend zenni optical. Equal quality to other lenses, just no overhead or advertising. :) I like it. 
She hates the patches, but she can manage 2 hours a day. I'm just glad she loves her glasses, we sure do!
(As she gets older, she can graduate to wearing just one contact, and/or eventually get corrective surgery if she wants)

Lexi's Party

We had Lexi's birthday party (with family) a couple days after her birthday. I wanted to just enjoy her first birthDAY with just the four of us, and not have to worry about cleaning, fixing food, and prepping for party guests. I did that with Natalie, and felt like I missed out on most of my day with her. Let's face it. The first birthday is not just a milestone for baby, it's a huge milestone for the parents. We survived the first year. Bonus? She's healthy and happy! Whoo!

So now that the emotional, bitter-sweet actual birthDAY was behind us, we were ready to party! Well, most of us:

Rudy was pumped! Can't you tell??


A very cool gift from UB and Aunt Abbey:

Opening gifts:

Apparently something was very funny...I doubt it was the socks she opened, but they were much-needed.

She loves this puppet book:

This music cube is the coolest thing ever. If you have a baby, get one!

Matchy-matchy. Lexi is not happy to pose:

Coordinating jammies. I love Lexi's expression here!

More cake:

She still enjoyed it!

Lexi is ONE!!! Please hand me a tissue.

We gave Lexi Natalie's old toy house on her birthday. She loves it!!

A wonderful distraction from the tree! ;)


She has so much fun with all the buttons, doors, switches, etc.

Natalie spent a lot of time playing with her too.


I helped her open a gift earlier in the day, just something that she could play with on her birthday:

She didn't seem too impressed, but then again, she didn't "get" what was going on.

Mid-afternoon of the last ones, we're ready for sippy cups.

The weather was about 51 degrees, so we decided we'd take her to the park and let her swing. She LOVES to swing! I highly doubt we'll be able to do much outside for future Dec. 1st birthdays!

She loved it! Although she kept slumping forward in her swing. LOL, even when I stopped her to sit her up, she'd scoot forward again:

Rudy kept pulling these stunts on Mike...

I thoroughly enjoyed pushing our birthday girl and watching her smiles.

Marveling at the past year and what a little person she's become. I love this little one so much.

We opened gifts after dinner. Lexi stayed pretty serious throughout the whole evening. I don't think she knew what to think of all the attention!

With Daddy:


So serious!

Bath toys! Yeah!

A new book:

Of course Rudy kept getting into an empty box and got his head stuck:

Natalie and Lexi spent some time playing together:

Natalie is probably the best big sister ever. She's amazing with Lexi:


Happy Birthday little one. You are so loved!

...and if anyone had any doubt, she LOVED the cake!

Only crumbs left:

Bath time with the bath toys! (please ignore the awful mildew...blah!)

The bathroom gets very crowded at bath time. :)

Lexi attacks the puppy...and the tree. Thankfully both survive.

Lexi is very interested in Rudy. She swats him away when he approaches while she's busy playing. However, when he's resting peacefully, she cannot resist him!

These two are buddies already:

She lays her head down on him and coo's "awwwww!" It's adorable:

Then she ruins the sweet moment by putting her fingers where they don't belong. Today, it happened to be up his nose. He just lays there and waits for me to move her. (which I do) Have you ever seen a more patient puppy!?! He's only 15 weeks old.

Onto something else!

She enjoys pulling the ornaments and shaking the branches. I love this picture b/c it shows the movement:

She can be such a whirlwind, but how could I possibly get flustered with this sweet face??