Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Dinner at Bandana's with family (hours before my food-illness):

Natalie looking for deer and turkey behind MawMaw and PawPaw's house.

I LOVE the expression on her face in this picture:

Father's Day! I was happy to get to spend it with my dad this year!
Dad, myself, and Natalie:

Holding up the father's day card we all signed:

Family gathering later on Father's Day:

Cory with his girlfriend, Dawn. They have been together for almost 3 years now. She is a sweetheart.

Mom planned this whole get-together, and we surprised her by using the time to celebrate her birthday that was later that week. Love this picture of her:

Because Mike worked that weekend and wasn't able to travel with us, Natalie and I left that afternoon to go spend the rest of Father's Day with him and his family. Natalie was so happy to see him:

Dickinson men:

Brad was doing tricks with a yo-yo, and Natalie kept trying to grab it when it was on the floor. Brad would yank it back up, and she'd miss it almost every time. When I went back to look at these pictures, I was cracking up! It shows her grabbing at it, and it's already up and almost in Brad's hand. LOL!

June Birthday's-Party

We are going to ignore the fact that I am two weeks late blogging about this party. I tend to get behind on posting when I have to edit and upload pictures. So! We have 3 June birthday's on Mike's side of the family. Brad turned 25 this year, I turned 27, and Mike will be 29 in a couple days. Dorie made cakes for Brad and I (Mike gets his later this week) and I had to take a picture of looked fantastic and tasted great too!

We went bowling after dinner, and I had the best time just watching Natalie and her "technique" at bowling. She did pretty well, thanks to the bumpers.

She occasionally used the metal "helper-thingy" after her ball stopped half-way down the lane...TWICE. It reminded me of the scene in Uncle Buck where Buck tells Maisey that she would be champion of the bowling game if the object was to get as close to the pins as possible without knocking any down. LOL

I believe she got a spare, and was cheering:

ANOTHER strike for Randy! Really, it was rather boring watching his game. Very predictable ;)

The birthday bowlers:

Natalie was distracted by the lights of the arcade area...and we finally took her back there. Mike played skee ball with her, and almost every time she threw, the ball hit the machine NEXT to them.

Precious Hands

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.

But every day I'm growing -
I'll be grown some day
And all those tiny handprints
Will surely fade away.

So here's a little handprint
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small.

(This handprint was slapped on our wall after she washed her hands)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Inside the mind of a 4-year-old

Natalie: I wish I could be 3 again...
Me: Natalie, you'll never be 3 again, you'll just keep getting older and older.
Natalie: I will?
Me: Yes! You'll be 5, then 6, then 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and on and on.
Natalie: Wow! Then I will be old enough to hold breakable things!
Me: *laughing* Yes, I guess you'll hold breakable things then too.
Natalie: But the baby won't! I'll tell the baby, "don't touch those breakable things, baby! Go play with your toys!!"
Me: *trying to see the road through my laughing*

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Natalie stayed in the child care area at the YMCA this afternoon while Mike and I worked out. (and by me "working out" I mean I power-walked the track) Anyway...

This evening we were asking her what she did, and Natalie explained everything and told us she had fun. Then she looked at Mike and said, "Daddy, I wish you were a little boy, so you could come with me next time and play." This girl melts our hearts!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dearest Natalie,

Calling Monnie up to your room FOUR times tonight (this last time because of a hang-nail) makes me want to bang my head on the wall. Please stop it and go to sleep!! Thanks and sweet dreams.

Are we finding out??

I have had many people ask me if we are finding out the sex of our baby. I have left this decision up to Mike each time, and it will always be up to him with all of our babies. We did NOT know with Natalie. We were totally shocked when she was born and the doctor announced, "You've got a girl!" I was so overwhelmed it didn't even cross my mind until he said it.

With this pregnancy, Mike decided he'd like to know the sex of our baby, and I'm fine with that too. Nothing wrong with experiencing it both ways. We're looking forward to finding out July 14th! (write that down) Since Natalie is VERY adamant that she wants a sister, and NOT a brother, it might be a good thing to know ahead of time in case we're having a boy. You know, so we can talk up the boy qualities. She'd adjust fine either way.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catching up with us:

We have been busy....that or I've been lazy and not wanting to blog for a while. You'll never know. :)

Mike and I canceled our cable because I was sick of paying the rising bill every month. It's not even that we can't afford it, I just hate sending them my money, and imagining the people over in their billing department laughing at us because we actually pay the outrageous prices! We only had it for the last 18 months, and now that it's been gone for 3 weeks, I can't say that I miss it.

Mike and I have played card games some evenings, and I whip him at WAR and Zigity almost every time. He just keeps crawling back for more...

We are now 'Y' members and Natalie and I have been spending the afternoons at the outdoor pool. Although with heat index creeping over 105 lately, the pool just feels like a warm bath. We may stick to the indoor pool for the next week.

Bandana's BBQ is the devil, and it will be years before I eat it again.

Natalie and I spent Father's Day with my parents and extended family and had a fantastic time! We drove back here and spent the evening with Mike's family as well. I have already uploaded those pictures and will be posting them soon.

Yesterday was my monthly apt with my OB. Baby is growing perfectly and heartbeat sounds great! (HR is in the 160's) Natalie spent most of MY apt time yakking to my OB about going to the pool later that afternoon and what she got to do this weekend. Funny how she's so talkative when we visit my doctors, although her pediatrician probably wonders if she can even talk.
My BP was 95/63 and weight gain is +3 lbs. Baby is moving around a lot, and those movements are definitely getting stronger!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


These are all to Mike's credit for creating a funny puppet show behind the photographer's head!

He really got her laughing when this picture was taken:


I have been sick this entire week. Eating-chicken-noodle-soup-and-drinking-Gatorade-everyday-sick! Apparently it's a sinus infection, and now that I'm on day 2 of antibiotics, I'm starting to finally feel better. Illnesses are always worse when you can't take any meds.

I had a horrible cold when I was pregnant with Natalie and I can remember sitting in the living room at 3AM crying because I was so miserable. Although this time I didn't cry! Just don't ask Mike if I was pleasant to be around...*ahem*

If you're wondering where I picked up an illness at the beginning of summer, it was at church. I was in the nursery taking care of the little ones, and one little girl had a green, snotty nose. I spent my time trying to keep her happy and wiping that poor little nose of hers, then running to the sink to wash my hands. I thought I was doing quite well on 'germ patrol', but I guess not. I will NEVER understand why parents bring their sick children to church. I wonder how many of the other kids are sick with a sinus infection this week as well. Don't get me wrong, church volunteers LOVE taking care of children. But when they're sick, they're sick! Keep them home and spend the extra time loving on them and getting them better. **stepping off soap box**

Friday, June 4, 2010

2nd Trimester

We're there. Starting to breathe a little easier, but that won't fully happen until this baby is safe in my arms. Thank you God for bringing us this far!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gymnastics Champion!

Natalie finished up her semester of gymnastics class this Monday. All of the kids performed their routines individually, and I was so proud of Natalie! This was their warm-up time:

They are clapping for another student doing their floor routine:

Tumbling routine:


This was the medal she received on the "podium." I was completely in the moment with her, and I forgot to take a picture of her getting it. Here she is showing it off:

She has worn it everyday this week around the house! Boy, did Daddy have an earful to listen to when he got home from work that day! Congrats Natalie! We are so proud of your progress!

House & Family

Here are just a couple of the latest pictures of my parents new home. It is finally finished, and now they are just waiting for the grass to grow. :)

Here is the view from the backyard:

PawPaw, MawMaw, and Natalie before church this past Sunday:

My father, myself, and my daughter:

I love this little girl!!

After church we got to visit with our cousins! This was taken during snack time for the little ones:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tractors and Fishing

Mom and I had been planning this weekend for awhile. I wanted to take Natalie fishing at the farm, and we lucked out with the weather. It was beautiful!! We stopped by my uncle's land first to visit with family, and Natalie was offered a tractor ride. She was excited and didn't seem the least bit nervous, even when we got up close to the tractor. (my cousin handed her up for me)

Jason is driving, and Natalie is sitting on MawMaw's lap, waving to me.

This is after they were done riding. Apparently they got allllll the way to the other side of the field, and Natalie announced that she had to go potty. LOL! Poor thing! I'm sure it was a long, bouncy tractor ride back to wait to go!

We headed down to the farm and walked part of the way around the lake to the best fishing spot. It is so beautiful around this lake!

MawMaw helping Natalie cast:

This little girl caught THREE huge catfish, several bass, and a crappie. ALL on the mickey mouse pole. The catfish were breaking her lures, so we never did get them on land, but we were able to see them well. She called them "grumpy fish" because they were breaking her equipment. LOL! We were out there just over an hour, and she was catching them with almost every cast. She has no idea how aggravating fishing can be on a bad day! I believe in this next picture, they were struggling with one of the catfish.

This was her last catch of the day, a crappie. Jason helped her SO much by carrying her around the lake, walking with her by the edge, and even fixing her pole. He coached her to reel this fish in all by herself! She was so happy with herself.

Everything went well until Jason said, "here, give it a kiss!" and I think the look on her face explains it all. LOL

It was so neat to watch my daughter create memories on this land. I have so many childhood memories here myself. Half way through our fishing, Natalie leaned over to MawMaw and said, "MawMaw, I like fishing!" She has talked about it everyday since, and so last night I ordered my own fishing permit so I can take her fishing at the local park this summer.

Does this look familiar to anyone?

This transistor radio belongs to my mom. She has kept it all these years, but this is what she listened to in high school. Before mp3's, CD players, walk mans, etc. :) Anyway, I thought it was neat and enjoyed finding something that she enjoyed years ago.

Look what we found in our backyard!

We have a new sister!

A few weeks ago (yes, I'm that far behind on blogging) Mike's brother got married. It was a busy, busy weekend, but lots of fun with family from out-of-town.

The rehearsal dinner was at Maggiano's, and they were serving our favorites. I was thankful I was wearing a stretchy dress. :) Natalie and I were the first to arrive so I got a few pictures of the setup before everything started. It looked so beautiful!!

Mike got there shortly after we did, so I asked a server to take a picture of the three of us. The dress Natalie is wearing was a birthday gift from her great grandparents.

Here, I believe I caught her digging into the M&M's before dinner. The Minnie necklace Natalie is wearing is my necklace from when I was a little girl. Natalie only asks to wear it on special occasions.

Since dinner was a 2 hour event, I brought along some extra entertainment. She is playing a princess game on my ds, and since it was brand new, it kept her entertained for a long time! I love the tongue sticking obviously helps her concentration.

After sitting still for so long, we let her run wild and she had a blast going after Pop's attention! The laughter and shrieks of delight cracked us up and I doubt anyone else minded.

Wedding day! This was the one picture I was able to get without my flash that turned out great. Thank you Brad and Abbey for standing so still for me. :)

Nani and Pop!

Dickinson men:

Mimi dancing with Natalie:

Pop dancing with Natalie...look at that foot, they must have been spinning! LOL:

Natalie dancing with her Daddy:

Congratulations Brad and Abbey!