Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stuffed Ducks!

Last week, we went to feed the ducks. I haven't done this all that often, but from what I remember, they swarm around you once they realize you have food! Especially the geese! The ducks we met today apparently weren't interested in our food. A few swam away and I told Mike we need to find the geese! We found a couple, and they ate what we threw near them, but weren't too enthusiastic about it. That's when we noticed a van-full of children coming down the hill with a whole bag of bread for these birds! Once we started looking around, we noticed bread pieces all around us. Here we thought we were giving them a treat, and they were already stuffed with food!

This is the park, closest to our home. Isn't it beautiful?

I fell...

going down our stairs yesterday. It was actually more like a short, rough slide. I don't know how it happened because I have been extra careful lately on our steps, and refuse to carry anything on them. (Mike can attest to this...he's the one left hauling things up and down) I was in tears several times yesterday because I just couldn't believe that happened! After everything we've been through, I go and fall!! Argh!

My legs and elbow have a few bruises and rug burns, but thankfully baby seems just fine. I have never been so happy to have a doppler. I probably checked that heartbeat 5 or 6 times yesterday.

From everything I've read, falls are common during pregnancy. God (obviously!) knew what He was doing when He designed us to carry our babies. They are in the safest area of our bodies, well cushioned, and protected from us clumsy mothers!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Look

After some blunt "encouragement" from a friend (ahem Emily T!!) I decided she was right and the blog needed a little updating. Voila!

I am behind on blogging again. Quite a few events in the last 2 weeks and I am slow uploading pictures. You'll have to excuse me, and the fact that I can't seem to accomplish much after 7PM. I am looking forward to the fatigue fading in the next few weeks. I am feeling stronger baby flutters, and those flutters helped Mike and I find the heartbeat (with doppler) the other night!!! It was so exciting, I was glowing....and then couldn't fall asleep for another 2 hours. LOL

It's hot and humid here, and no pools are open yet. Blah! Natalie and I have been hanging around inside the house in the afternoons. I have a doctors apt later today and after that, we are going shopping for materials so I can make her a special blanket too. She is excited that the new baby isn't the only one getting one. :)

We just got her 4 year pictures done a few days ago, and I am thrilled they came out so well! All to Mike's credit for putting on a silly puppet show behind the photographers head! I don't have them back yet, but will post them soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4 year stats

Natalie's height is 3' 5.5" (or 41.5") and her weight is 35 lbs. Much more impressive to see her growth chart!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby update

Just a little update to let you know that baby is doing well. :) Friday will be 12 weeks and I am allowed to stop taking 3 different medications that day!! WHOO HOOO! No more pill trays for this gal! I go back to the doctor on Monday, just to hear the heartbeat with doppler.

The other night right before I fell asleep, I felt flutters!!! It is VERY early-on to feel movement, however, I felt them early with Natalie as well. I think it was about 14 weeks with her. I got a little is just such an incredible blessing to be where we are now. For so long, we knew there was a possibility that I would never feel a baby kick inside of me again.

Domestic what?!

I caught the end of a show yesterday, in which a woman describes her job as a "domestic goddess." HA! I don't think such a thing exists. The closest thing would resemble that electrolux appliance commercial in which Kelly Ripa walks around the house in her size 0 jeans, perfect hair and makeup, getting projects done with a flick of her wrist. Oh, and don't forget to notice that there isn't a speck of dust or dirt in her perfect house, or on her children. That's not reality. AT ALL. There is nothing glamorous about taking care of a home and raising children. Fulfilling, YES!

So lets be more honest here, lady. "Domestic goddess" doesn't exactly fit the picture. At least not in 99.99% of most stay-at-home-mom's houses. My t-shirt would say something more like, "been there, wiped that."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How many more weeks??

I do NOT need a heart attack. Thank you 'little one' for keeping me on my toes.

So I was spotting yesterday morning. With my history, this isn't something I take lightly and just go about my day. I was on the phone with my OB and specialist, trying to see who could get me in the quickest. OB won. I had an ultrasound at 2PM today. Sure enough, little baby was doing fine! Heart beating strong, and we actually got to see him/her moving around quite a bit. Very cool. Baby has grown a LOT! Apparently I let out a very audible 'sigh' after the ultrasound, and my OB just smiled at me. I think he was happy he could give good news...or maybe that was just his way of masking the fear of the realization that I'm probably going to be one of those pregnant women. (that come in for every little thing...)

Either way, I'm happy! Keep on truckin' little babe...we only have 29.5 more weeks to go!

Natalie told me this morning that my tummy has gotten sooo big! have no idea kiddo, just keep watching. At least she hasn't made any more announcements in public lately. Two weeks ago, she yelled across the dinner table (at a crowded restaurant) "Hey PawPaw guess what!? Monnie can't buckle her pants anymore!" PawPaw about spit out his tea, as I stared at my menu, not even daring to look around and see if anyone heard.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I was so grateful to spend Mother's Day with both my daughter AND my mother today! We went to church this morning, and when I picked Natalie up from her class, she handed me this with a huge smile!

I was so delighted!! How special, not only to get a card from her, but to have her hand print as a keepsake! This is something I will date and put in her memory box.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember to get a picture of Mom and I today. However, we both enjoyed the day, doing a little shopping, and then Dad took us out to a wonderful lunch! Mike had to work, but he also made my day wonderful by leaving me a sweet note to find when I woke up, as well as a nice card, gift, and flowers.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom-friends! I hope you all had a wonderful day as well! :)

Natalie is FOUR!

We continued our birthday tradition with Natalie by waking her with a balloon, breakfast with a candle, and our singing!

We all enjoyed breakfast in our bed together...and it was a relatively easy clean-up!

Natalie has been asking to go to the zoo lately, and the weather worked out perfect that we could go that morning. Unfortunately, everyone else had that idea too, but we still had a GREAT time! Natalie's favorite spot was with the giraffes.

Here, she won't smile (or even look) at the camera because as Mike was trying to take our picture there were some big zoo birds walking up behind him. Natalie kept yelling, "they're going to get you Daddy!!" LOL

Finally, I get a smile!

This is on our way, zoo strollers are FANTASTIC!

Posing with Daddy:

This is the scene of the party awaiting at home. She chose the theme this year:

Here are the wild party guests sporting the princess plates...even the manly-men! :)

Since gifts were on the agenda after dinner, we (of course) tortured her by taking forever to eat, taking time to go potty or grab the camera, setting up the gifts, etc. etc. LOL!

Sticking your tongue out helps when concentrating.

Cole sniffing through the tissue paper...hey mom, here is proof that he wasn't always in front of you, blocking your pictures!

Unveiling the big gift:

Monnie and Natalie were putting on the Cinderella show. Bibbety, bobbidy, boo! It was quite entertaining!

I didn't have enough room to print "Happy 4th Birthday Natalie!" so we got creative.

She got very shy when we sang to her...I remember feeling that same way when I was little!

Occasionally, Dad will lay on the floor and Cole will lay beside him, probably hoping for a scratch or two behind the ears. Apparently that wasn't good enough this time:

PawPaw is saying goodnight to Natalie...and Cole doesn't want to share the attention any more!

It was a very happy day, and most importantly, Natalie had fun! We can hardly believe our little girl is already 4. She is growing up fast and I wish time would just slow down. However, we feel so lucky to be her parents and look forward to all the next stages! Thank you God for her life, and entrusting her to our care!!!!! She is our joy!

Friday, May 7, 2010


I have been busy all day baking up a storm in the kitchen! Natalie's 4th birthday is tomorrow and I have her favorites all lined up. We are having a small party here with all four of her grandparents. She has been counting down the days, and even woke up EARLY this morning to yell, "Hey Monnie!!! It's only ONE more day till my birthday....right?!" My response wasn't very enthusiastic, but more of a grumbling for her to go back to sleep. LOL

Today also marks 10 weeks in my pregnancy! I have been feeling pretty great and have my first apt with my regular OB on Wednesday. We are looking forward to hearing that reassuring heartbeat again. Some days I struggle with staying positive. Every twinge or ache makes me worry, and even though we've had no evidence of a miscarriage, there are moments when I feel it's just inevitable. Thankfully these moments don't happen often, and I'm sure MANY women feel this way. Most of the time, I am just delighted that everything is looking great and thankful I am feeling so well.

I am behind on posting pictures...I might have to do a catch up post soon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hold Still

Natalie is nose-to-nose with me, her hands on my face, and she is staring intently in my eyes.

Me: Natalie stop messing with my eyelids, that doesn't feel good.
Natalie: Just hold still, Monnie. I'm trying to touch your eyeball.
Me: Don't! It will hurt.
Natalie: I'll be gentle, you'll see. Just hold still.
Me: *jerking away* No! You don't touch people's eyeballs. Ever.
Natalie: *siiiiiiigh* You're no fun.