Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garage Sale!

This past weekend, I was at my parents house again, helping them with their garage sale. During sale hours, Natalie was entertained by my dad. Check this out:

I love how she has all the dwarfs lined up, the prince and snow white together, and the queen waaay off to the side.

That tent was set up for comfort! How many layers of pillows do you need, Natalie?

On the way back from the new house (the pictures are in a previous post) Natalie insisted on taking a picture with my camera. That was quite impressive considering the weight and bulk of it! She did quite well:

"PawPaw! Look!"

Later that evening, we headed over to Doug's house. Natalie was excited to see the new puppy Doug told her all about! First things first, playtime with Chase.

Is he not the CUTEST little boy??

Here is the new pup. 8 weeks old. Doug named him "Axel" but the kids pronounce it wrong and it comes out sounding like a bad word.

House Update!

My parents house is coming right along! The exterior is almost done and the inside is looking very nice as well. I am SO happy for them, they have wanted this for many years! Less than 3 weeks until moving day!!

From another angle:

Isn't the kitchen beautiful!?

The dinning room has built in storage on both sides of the window, as well as a bench below the window.

Downstairs great room:

Downstairs bar/kitchen area:

Looking up at the deck:

See my girls?!?

2 Additions To Our Household

Can you guess what Natalie is sitting in??

That would be a cage!

She has been looking through my old photo albums lately, and saw pictures of the rabbits I used to have. Then she decided she wanted a rabbit. She put that on her wish list for her birthday this year. I don't mind having a rabbit around in the least! They are wonderful animals. I decided to make the cage instead of paying a lot for a tiny one. It ended up as a bunny mansion with three different levels. It cost a fraction of what a cage (1/12 of this size) would be in a store.

We made several trips to the rabbit foster home (associated with the humane society here) and this is who we came home with (for an early birthday gift)

This is Bennie & Jett.

This is Bennie (quite the adventurer and climber)

This is Jett (much more shy but loves being held)

They are brothers, and bond-mates. Their mother was a new zealand breed (all white with red eyes) and their father was a french angora breed. ALL of the babies in this litter were black, they have short fur, but it is incredibly soft!

They are completely house broken, and almost perfect with their litter box inside the cage. Natalie is doing GREAT with them, we just have to remind her to sit still every now-and-then. :)

She is feeding them their carrot for the day:

They are so much fun to have around, and have become quite comfortable here. They don't hesitate to nudge us when they want attention! Most of all, I love seeing the joy on Natalie's sweet face when they hop on her lap, or when I tell her they love her!

For those of you wondering how Cole gets along with the rabbits...he doesn't mind them at all! In fact I think he likes them. They hop right up to him and they sniff each other, and usually Cole will lick them on the ears or face. He is very curious, but not at all aggressive.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


After many months of discussion, Mike and I have decided to move forward with this process. We are just in the beginning stages. As we have looked into this, many doors have closed, leaving us to wonder if this is really what we should be doing. However a couple other doors have opened and we feel it is God leading us in a specific direction. Right now, I don't feel comfortable sharing specifics until we get further into this process, but I ask that you pray for us.

Shoe Shopping

I was hunting for some sandals for Natalie to wear this summer. I grabbed some cute sandals for her to try on. They were just plain, brown leather "strappy" sandals. I put them on her, and when she looked down at her foot, she exclaimed, "Oh Monnie look! Jesus sandals!! Oh I like them." LOL!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New House

After living in the same home for almost 28 years, my parents are finally building the house they have wanted for many, many years! We could not be more happy for them! It is turning out beautifully. They will be moving mid-April.

The great room:

Dining room:


Master bedroom:

Downstairs (paint is actually darker than it looks in this picture)

View from the guest bedroom:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You can find her...

in MawMaw and PawPaw's bed. When we visit, Natalie makes herself quite at home and always finds her way into their bed with her pillow, blanket, and stuffed animals. Sometimes she brings snacks and books along to watch cartoons. I can't tell you how many pictures I have of her in their bed. These are just a couple of the most recent ones from a trip a few weeks ago.

MawMaw covered her with warm sheets, just out of the dryer:

When I asked Natalie to look at the camera, this is what I get...

Sunday in JC

Natalie is showing off her dress for the camera. Nani bought it for her at Christmas, and I can't get over how cute the tights are.

We were posing before church

I believe I was tickling her b/c she was being ornery!


MawMaw got lots of tisses, of course:

...she always does!

Hair Brushers

As Mike and I were tucking Natalie into bed last night, I started brushing her hair. She wasn't happy about it and the following conversation went like this:

Mike: Would you rather I brushed your hair, Natalie?
Natalie: NO Daddy! You're a bad hair brusher. Monnie is a great hair brusher.
Mike: Then stop giving her trouble and sit still.
Natalie: (still talking to Mike) You can't brush my hair Daddy. You can brush my hair when you're as old as Monnie.
Sarah: Wait a minute. When he's as old as me? How old do you think I am Natalie??
Natalie: Sixteen.
Sarah: (trying not to laugh) And how old do you think Daddy is?
Natalie: Seventeen, and I'm three!
Sarah: Natalie, I'm 26
Mike: ...and I'm 28
Natalie: ...and I'm 23!!
Mike: No, you're JUST 3.
Natalie: Oh.


Natalie came down with a stomach flu about 10 days ago. Thankfully it was short lived, but that same evening had cold symptoms and high fever. Not sure if it was all the same virus or two at once. Anyway, I have spent six days nursing her back to health and then came down with it myself. No stomach flu, just the cold symptoms, fever, aches, and worst of all was the horrible headache that went with it. I was horizontal for about 3 days. Thanks to my husband for taking off work to take care of Natalie.

Natalie and I are still filling our house with the wonderful sounds of hacking, but at least we're on the mend.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Did you know?

That the middle of our kitchen is great for fishing??

Making faces

Occasionally, I will try to get a decent picture of Natalie and I. It usually does not work. Someone keeps making silly faces.