Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Settling in

Lexi stayed in the hospital room with us both nights. It became apparent that she had swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid, which she was gagging on and vomiting up. When we walked her down to the nursery at midnight the first night, there were 17 babies in the nursery and only 5 nurses. I told Mike, "she stays with us" and he agreed. The second night Mike went home to stay with Natalie, so Lexi and I partied in the hospital. We slept from 10:30-12:30 that night and that was it. She was up on and off throughout the night spitting up and I stayed up to make sure she didn't choke. The rest of the time I had nurses in my room taking her places to get ready to go home the next morning. (Evaluations, PKU screening, jaundice test, hearing test, etc.)

This is when Natalie discovered Lexi could grasp her finger:

Mike and Natalie came the next morning to take us home. They showed up dressed EXACTLY alike. Both in jeans and a red cardinals sweatshirt. Mike said Natalie wouldn't have it any-other-way. LOL

Being wheeled out of the hospital was a very emotional moment for me. I finally had our baby in my arms, I made it through delivery, and we were both healthy and going home with Mike and Natalie. I was thanking God over and over for our blessings.

Waiting on Daddy to finish loading the car:

Home at last! The pink roses on the left were from Randy and Dorie. The flowers on the right were from Mike:

We settled in at home on Friday, but were concerned because Lexi wasn't urinating but once every 16-24 hours...despite the amount of milk she was taking in. I took her to the pediatrician the next morning after she stayed dry all night again. The pediatrician started to examine her, to find (low-and-behold) a wet diaper. Of course! She told me to keep our apt with our regular pedi on Monday because her jaundice was looking questionable. Lexi finally started having regular wet diapers on Sunday. Not sure what the holdup was, but we are grateful all systems are working. :)

First sponge bath at home was Saturday evening. This little girl has LONG toes. A trait neither Mike nor I have. Even factoring grandparents, my dad is the only one with long toes:

Natalie was eager to help:

She has dark hair like Daddy...and we're pretty sure her eyes will be brown before long too:

After the pedi apt on Monday, we were sent for a blood test to check her bili levels. It was high, but he suspected it was going down. Tuesday morning I took her out (it was 19 degrees outside!) and they confirmed it was dropping. Thankfully, no more testing or treatment is necessary!

Breastfeeding is going wonderfully! I am (again) so grateful I am able to nurse and provide that for her. There is nothing like being able to satisfy a hungry tummy. The only struggle I have had is dealing with a cracked nipple. Ow! I suspect this happened right after she was born when we first nursed. I was too in-awe to make sure it was a perfect latch...and one bad latch is all it takes. It is on the mend, no big deal.

Natalie is adjusting so well here at home!! We are so proud of her. She is very loving and maternal with Lexi. She came down with a cold yesterday and it has upset her so much that she can't hold or kiss Lexi. She has cried several times about this.

My recovery has been awesome. Labor was about as miserable as it was with Natalie, just a little more scary because of the health concerns. Delivery though was MUCH better this time around. Lexi was smaller and didn't cause as much..."damage." :) I also have not had any infections like I did last time with my recovery. As of today (1 week postpartum) I have lost 23lbs. Yay!

We have also been spoiled with meals being provided for us. Three different ladies from church have brought meals for us, and Dorie left us a meal on the first night we were home. To have those, plus leftovers, has been extremely helpful. It's so nice not to worry about fixing meals and cleaning up when we're functioning on such little sleep! :)

Sunday morning after Mike and Natalie got home from church, Natalie bounded up the steps, washed her hands, and plopped on the bed, eager to hold her little sister!

Our sweet Lexi:

Today was Mike's last day home from work. He actually took an extra day off because of Natalie being sick. I have enjoyed having him home SO much! It's been a nice transitional time for us and I appreciate him always being so incredibly supportive and loving to me.

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