Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Month Nine

We have officially arrived! I am 36 weeks today (Weds), and my checkup this week went well! My bp is great, her head is down, good heart rate, and I have some strong "braxton hicks" contractions every day. She is still high (feels like she's in my lungs) but I have enjoyed not running for potty breaks every 20 minutes! I opted out of the "exam" this week, but will do those weekly from now on. Not that it actually indicates when labor will start, but it would be nice to know these bh contractions are doing some work! :)

My OB's office was missing Natalie this week during my checkup. She has charmed them all over the last 6 months, chattering non-stop, and asking lots of questions at each visit. Now that we're into the weekly pelvic exams, I leave her home with Daddy. I had several people wondering where she was, and the receptionist even sent a sticker home with me to give to her!!

27 more days!


Kathleen said...

That is soo exciting!!! I opted out of my "exams" too. Those things are not comfortable LOL. I only had one, and then my water broke that day :) Thinking about you guys!!

Erin and Roger Bell said...

If I could "like" this I would! :) Very exciting!! Getting so close!!

For Crying Out Loud said...

WOW, that went by fast! At least to me, hundreds of miles away! Can't wait to hear the news of the arrival and learn her name!

Tate Family said...

that is INSANE...seems to have flown by!! i cannot wait to see her.