Monday, November 22, 2010

39 Week Apt

The scale and I are friends again...I actually lost weight without trying. Apparently it's common at the end of pregnancy. My blood pressure was great, and I still have no edema...which is shocking to me because of how horribly swollen I was with Natalie. My OB asked if I was sick of being pregnant, and I honestly said no! I just don't feel miserable like I expected to at this point. Ask me again next week... ;)

So he did all his "checking" and I am 3 cm's dilated. Which is awesome...that's 3 less that I'll have to labor through. I mentioned that I've dilated a cm/week the last 3 weeks and this comedian says:

OB: Oh, only 7 more weeks to go!
Me: HA! I don't think so.
OB: We'll just schedule you in and deliver you here. I'll book exam room #4 since it's a little bigger.
Me: I'll see you next week, doc.
OB: Yeah, yeah, if not before then...

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Erin and Roger Bell said...

Ahh!!!! I'm sooooooo excited for you guys!!!! ANYTIME now!!!! :) yay!!!!