Monday, November 8, 2010

37 Week Checkup

To be more specific, I won't be 37 weeks until Wednesday, but it's apparently close enough for them.

Blood pressure is good, baby's heart sounded great, no edema, and my weight gain was ZERO! Which almost sent me into a fit of giggles, but believe me, the scale is my worst nemesis. Especially when pregnant. Most of you ladies out there will understand. I think my total weight gain with this little one is right around 32 or 33lbs. Which is fine and healthy, but just a tad more than I wanted to gain. Darn Oreo cookies! You thwart my good intentions of eating right every time!

I am starting to dilate already, which is wonderful considering I didn't dilate AT ALL with Natalie until I was induced. Hoping this trend continues (before my labor begins) so I won't have much further to go when the real contractions start!

We are looking forward to meeting this little one, but I don't feel that anxiousness like I did with Natalie. We know these are our last few weeks of just being the three of us and that is precious time. We are soaking it in!

Just for fun, I had Mike take a picture of me wearing the same blouse for a picture that was taken while pregnant with Natalie. *click to enlarge*
Left: 35 weeks pregnant with Natalie
Right: 36.5 weeks pregnant with our 2nd girl

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