Friday, November 26, 2010

39 Week Picture

Feast your eyes on this hugeness!! I am thrilled and couldn't be happier carrying around this big, healthy baby. :) helps to know it won't last much longer! LOL!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

39 Week Apt

The scale and I are friends again...I actually lost weight without trying. Apparently it's common at the end of pregnancy. My blood pressure was great, and I still have no edema...which is shocking to me because of how horribly swollen I was with Natalie. My OB asked if I was sick of being pregnant, and I honestly said no! I just don't feel miserable like I expected to at this point. Ask me again next week... ;)

So he did all his "checking" and I am 3 cm's dilated. Which is awesome...that's 3 less that I'll have to labor through. I mentioned that I've dilated a cm/week the last 3 weeks and this comedian says:

OB: Oh, only 7 more weeks to go!
Me: HA! I don't think so.
OB: We'll just schedule you in and deliver you here. I'll book exam room #4 since it's a little bigger.
Me: I'll see you next week, doc.
OB: Yeah, yeah, if not before then...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

38 Weeks

Just wanted to post and update that I'm doing well, and yes, still pregnant! :) Only 10 days until the due date though! It's getting so close! At my apt this past Monday (5 days ago) I was at least 2cm dilated. I've been having lots of contractions and cramping this week, so I'm hoping I'm progressing even more before labor starts.

I have been getting everything as ready as possible around here. Not only for baby, but I have already bought and wrapped about 90% of the Christmas gifts. Thank goodness for online shopping! It's driving Natalie absolutely nuts to see all these presents and not be able to open them anytime soon. Poor thing, it will be quite a long month for her!! The Christmas tree goes up Wednesday night after I finish baking pies for Thanksgiving, and then we will be set! Praying labor holds off until next weekend. :)

Also, many, many prayers for a few friends who are trying to conceive this month. They (and their stories) touch my heart, as we have NOT forgotten what it feels like to not know if we'd ever be able to have more biological children. Friday was the due date of the first baby we lost. He (or she) would have been turning 2-years-old about now. We will never forget that precious life, or the other 4 that were lost. It is quite the bitter-sweet feeling to be remembering what happened over the past 2.5 years, and yet looking forward to our daughter's arrival. We have had a long journey to get here. So we remember, and pray for those that are still trying to grow their families as well.

If you would, please also keep this baby and myself in your prayers as well as the big day approaches. Giving birth is exciting, but also brings anxiety with all the unknowns and unexpected things that can occur. We ask God to keep us in His loving hands, and bring us through this safely and in good health.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Four and a HALF

Our precious daughter just hit the 4.5 year milestone on Monday. She thinks it's pretty neat she can tack that "half" onto her age now. :)
Height: 3'7" (43 inches)
Weight: 40lbs

She has finally been gaining weight the past 6 months! I was excited to see that her weight/age is now over the 50th percentile, but then I calculated her weight/height, and she's still under the 35th percentile. Progress is progress! She's healthy and happy, and we are so grateful!
Our 4.5-year-old posing with her painted pumpkins:

Yes, she really is this happy 98% of the time!

Artistic Work

Every year, we paint pumpkins after Halloween. We started this tradition a couple years ago.

Natalie loves this, and we get a kick out of watching her. I also love the excuse to have pizza, because I use a pizza box for this project (it is easy to transfer everything elsewhere to dry overnight):

Monday, November 8, 2010

37 Week Checkup

To be more specific, I won't be 37 weeks until Wednesday, but it's apparently close enough for them.

Blood pressure is good, baby's heart sounded great, no edema, and my weight gain was ZERO! Which almost sent me into a fit of giggles, but believe me, the scale is my worst nemesis. Especially when pregnant. Most of you ladies out there will understand. I think my total weight gain with this little one is right around 32 or 33lbs. Which is fine and healthy, but just a tad more than I wanted to gain. Darn Oreo cookies! You thwart my good intentions of eating right every time!

I am starting to dilate already, which is wonderful considering I didn't dilate AT ALL with Natalie until I was induced. Hoping this trend continues (before my labor begins) so I won't have much further to go when the real contractions start!

We are looking forward to meeting this little one, but I don't feel that anxiousness like I did with Natalie. We know these are our last few weeks of just being the three of us and that is precious time. We are soaking it in!

Just for fun, I had Mike take a picture of me wearing the same blouse for a picture that was taken while pregnant with Natalie. *click to enlarge*
Left: 35 weeks pregnant with Natalie
Right: 36.5 weeks pregnant with our 2nd girl

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Month Nine

We have officially arrived! I am 36 weeks today (Weds), and my checkup this week went well! My bp is great, her head is down, good heart rate, and I have some strong "braxton hicks" contractions every day. She is still high (feels like she's in my lungs) but I have enjoyed not running for potty breaks every 20 minutes! I opted out of the "exam" this week, but will do those weekly from now on. Not that it actually indicates when labor will start, but it would be nice to know these bh contractions are doing some work! :)

My OB's office was missing Natalie this week during my checkup. She has charmed them all over the last 6 months, chattering non-stop, and asking lots of questions at each visit. Now that we're into the weekly pelvic exams, I leave her home with Daddy. I had several people wondering where she was, and the receptionist even sent a sticker home with me to give to her!!

27 more days!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We took Natalie trick-or-treating in Nani & Pop's neighborhood again this year. She now has more candy than we know what to do with!! I completely forgot to bring my camera along, but Nani took some pictures for me before we left.

Here is a picture of our pumpkin (the leper) I took the night before. Nothing fancy this year, I drew a picture, Mike cut it out. Ta-da!


I was told to bring myself and my daughter to Nani's house on Saturday morning. That's all I knew. This is what I found:

Dorie and Jennifer had put together a shower for me:

...with some close friends:

Jennifer brought Jonathan along, and these two had SO much fun together. I absolutely LOVE that Jonathan is wearing a boa in this picture that he found in Natalie's toys! I highly doubt his daddy has seen this picture...yet! :)

I enjoyed catching up with everyone, and obviously had a great time:

I have no idea what I was talking about here, but I laughed when I saw this picture:

Thank you Dorie and Jennifer (and everyone else that was there) for making that day so special for me!!

Fall Family Night

was last Wednesday night at our church. Natalie has been looking forward to this for WEEKS! She insisted she wanted to be Sleeping Beauty (her favorite princess) this year for Halloween. Thank goodness I could find that costume in a store!

I opted NOT to buy the $20 princess crown that went with it, and instead cut one out of a sheet of construction paper. It lasted all night, and looked perfect with her dress!

Our church had 4 different inflatable bouncy-things set up in the gym, cookie decorating, balloon maker, bingo, hay rides, bonfire and s'mores, and a toy story room to get candy. I love how Natalie really challenged herself with the distance throws here! LOL:

Making a potato head:

MawMaw and PawPaw happened to be in town that night, so they joined us!

She spent the majority of her time bouncing in the bounce houses and obstacle course. We did get to go on a hay-ride, but had to wait a long time because there were so many people there! This horrible picture is thanks to my camera for flashing a zillion times before it actually took the picture! But it's the only one of the three of us:

New Calendar

Because Natalie will be home schooled next year for Kindergarten, she also stays home with me during her preschool year. We have a little routine we do every day (I should post about that later) and now we have added our new calendar for her to learn the days of the week, months, seasons, and the weather.

She has enjoyed getting it all set up, and her favorite part is always the weather. She also knows how to check the weather online, and is obsessed with the local radar!

Natalie draws a picture of Monnie

Notice the big tummy she was sure to include: