Monday, October 25, 2010

Car Switch

This is the big purchase we made a couple weeks ago.

Going from driving a smaller car to a minivan was an easier transition than I thought it would be. In fact, I love driving this vehicle! It's a smooth ride, and I can't complain about the doors that open with a touch of a button when my hands are full. The seats that fold into the floor are a bonus too--no hauling out benches when you need extra cargo room!

We had originally looked at SUV's or crossovers with 3rd row seating because to be honest, I didn't feel we needed a minivan at this point with just two kids. However, we are adopting, and even after this baby girl is born, we (Lord Willing) are hopefully not done having children. So we decided to go ahead and get this instead of needing to upgrade again in a couple years. Another problem with the cars that have 3rd row seating is that I couldn't reach to the 3rd row back seat! So until our oldest (yes I'm planning ahead) can buckle and unbuckle themselves, I need a vehicle that I can reach them in.

What has surprised me are the comments we have received from others because we now drive a "minivan!" I wasn't aware it was taboo! Leave it to the people who don't have kids, to make snobby comments on what WE chose to drive. We love it--and it suits our growing family. That's what matters! Once we are done having children and our oldest are able to buckle and unbuckle themselves without help, we might transition over to an SUV or crossover. Who knows. Although I really do love those power doors... ;)


Kathleen said...

OMG I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW. Now that we have "just 2" kids I want a van soooo badly. You need the extra room. Two kids like multiply your needs by 1000000. I am trying so hard to convince Chad LOL. You lucky duck! There, how is that for THOSE people who just don't understand hahaha

Honsal Family said...

We love our Town & Country. The Sto & Go is the best invention EVER! Enjoy!!!