Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Shower

On Saturday, my friend Emily threw a baby shower for me. It was perfect! My mom allowed us to gather at her house (thanks mom!) we had a great time.

Here is Emily posing with Natalie (UNDER the dining room table-LOL) to get her to smile:

Lindsay, Emily, and myself:

Natalie received a couple gifts as well:

She was also a WONDERFUL helper! I enjoyed watching her open the gifts for me...we just had to keep reminding her to slow down! :)

I was (obviously) thrilled with this handmade sweater set. A lady that works with my mom had this made for our baby, and I have never seen such detailed, intricate knitting. It really is beautiful!!

**thank you to Dorie for taking all these pictures with my camera!**

More help from Natalie:

On a side note, later that evening when we got home, I noticed that Natalie had a gold crown sticker on her shirt. I asked her where that came from and she told me she found a few of those pretty stickers on the envelopes she opened for me! LOL

Amanda, Natalie, and I. Amanda is also expecting, and is only 6 or 7 weeks behind me!!

Posing with the grandmother's:

My Aunt Betty, Nadine (cousin), myself, and my mom:

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