Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have been asked several questions lately and thought I'd compile them here and answer them.

How are you feeling?
Honestly, I have not felt this happy since I was pregnant with (or nursing) Natalie. Physically, I am feeling pretty great as well. There are minor pains here and there, and only on occasion (usually after sitting for our 3 hour adoption class) do I have such pain that I have trouble walking. But even then, yes, I have a smile on my face and usually laugh at myself for walking like an old woman. Thankfully, Mike is there to help me get up and going, and once I get moving the pain subsides rather quickly. Not sure I would complain about ANYTHING pregnancy-related. If you'd like a more concrete reference to how great I'm feeling, I have photographic proof that I was on a dance-floor this past weekend doing the "cha-cha slide" with friends.

*ahem* Moving right along...

Are you taking a birthing class?
No. We did that before Natalie was born, and I felt like it was a waste of time and money. (They were trying to educate us on something my body already knows how to do...labeling it this or that doesn't change much) I will admit that I really did enjoy the 30 minutes of walking around the L&D floor and knowing this was where we would meet our baby. It was nice to be familiar with what to expect, so this time around I think we are going to try to take Natalie to a big-sibling class so she knows what to expect.

Do you mind when people touch your belly?
For the most part, I don't mind at all! I truly appreciate others recognizing the beauty of this life inside of me and feel her kick. In fact, I have been able to see my best friend several times this month, and she has felt our baby kick quite a bit. We're close enough that I just grabbed her hand and put it on my tummy. What surprised me was Em's strong emotional reaction to the kicking. Apparently, that was the first time she had ever felt a baby kick from inside the womb. So when she got to feel the baby hiccup several times, I could have sworn she misted up. These kinds of interactions are just as precious to me as well. So no, touching my tummy does NOT offend me.

Are you getting professional maternity pictures taken?
No! Apparently this is a big trend right now. It usually involves little clothing, to show off the belly, hold your hands in the shape of a heart over the belly, and try to be sexy at the same time. To me, pregnancy certainly doesn't feel sexy. So I try to keep my clothes on as much as possible. Thank you.
Seriously though, I realize the point of these photos are to honor this special time in a woman's life, and I respect that. Instead, I have Mike take a profile picture every 2-3 weeks to show how much the baby is growing, so I can put those in her keepsake box to look back on when she's older. Natalie already loves looking at the ones I took of her in my tummy.

Are you planning to breastfeed?
Oh goodness, yes!! I nursed Natalie for 12.5 months and would love to be able to nurse all of my babies that long. There are so many things that can thwart those plans, but I certainly hope it will work out just as well this time around.

What are you naming the baby?
Mike and I have a fantastic name picked out! You will find out when she is born! :)

Are you having a baby shower?
When we found out this baby would be sticking around, I called my best friend up and practically screamed our news. Her response was a calm, "I am throwing you a baby shower." I laughed it off, (because who throws baby showers when it's not your first baby? To add to that, its another girl!) However, she has insisted that there are many friends and family that want to celebrate this life with us, especially with everything we've been through. So I have agreed as long as it's not focused on gifts or shower games. I am now looking forward to spending a few hours with some of the most amazing women I know!

Who will be in the room with you when you deliver?
Mike, my doctor, and a nurse or two. That's it. I am very strong in my opinion that the only people that need to be present for the birth of a baby are the two people that created that baby. If I could have my way, we wouldn't even need the doctor or nurses there. I found a quote today that expressed EXACTLY how I feel:
Giving birth is as intimate as lovemaking
You will need privacy and support and tenderness
Labor is not a spectator sport
Your partner is not your "coach"
I don't need a support team of family members and friends there. I don't say that to be insulting to anyone, but what I mean is that my husband is all the support I need. Once our baby girl is here, I will gladly (and proudly) share her with our family. But until then, it's just Mike and I. This is how it was with Natalie's birth, and this is how we want it again for this little girl.

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