Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Natalie!

These are two separate conversations I had with my daughter today.

Natalie: Monnie, do you want to see Lady & the Tramp?
Me: (loading the dishwasher) Sure hon, we can watch it.
Natalie: LOOK!
*Natalie was standing in the kitchen with her shorts around her knees, pointing to the picture on her panties...which happened to be Lady & the Tramp! Silly me for assuming she was talking about the movie!*
Me: (laughing) Ahh, very nice panties Natalie. I'm glad you like them.

Later tonight after dinner:
Natalie: Monnie, I am SOOOO full!! Look at my tummy! *lifts shirt*
Me: Yes, I see! You ate a good dinner.
Natalie: *pushes tummy even further out* Look, my tummy is almost as big as yours now!
Me: Yeah, almost.

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