Friday, September 17, 2010

No caffeine for me, thanks.

I never drink coffee, rarely have soda, and mostly just drink water, O.J., and soy milk. So during this pregnancy, I have enjoyed the occasional soda (occasional for me means maybe once a week) because caffeine isn't at all harmful in small amounts. OB's just tell the soda addicts and bed-heads-who-rely-on-3+-cups-every-morning to cut back. Not a problem here.

However, lately this little one is getting strong! (yeah!!!) Her kicks pack quite a punch and I have one area on my tummy in particular (where her feet are) that gets very sore. Last week I was having trouble falling asleep because I couldn't get into a position that knocked her off balance enough to stop pummeling me. I say all of this with good humor and a lot of love. Truly! But all of this happens when I don't have any caffeine in my system, so imagine when I realized my mistake of drinking a soda the other night! Ouch! I'll stick with water, thank you. :)

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