Monday, September 6, 2010

Momma-bear has resurfaced

I will be venting in this post. You've been warned. ;)

Saturday morning my mother, daughter, and I went to the park to do a little fishing. The weather was beautiful. So absolutely perfect that we didn't mind our pitiful catch of the day being a leaf! Mom and I were talking and watching Natalie give up on fishing (after about 5 minutes) to go pick flowers and throw them in the lake. She was also fascinated with the tadpoles swimming around. Such perfection in the little moments. (If I can find a way to upload pictures from my phone, I will be posting pictures)

So along come two tweenage boys walking along the path behind us. They were talking loudly, and I kept hearing the f-word along with some other colorful language. It feels like I have to put up with this language ALL the time where we live. I am always distracting Natalie and trying to protect her little ears. I don't even bother saying anything to those people, because it would just draw attention to their language, and probably cause a confrontation where they would spew more of it at me. But we weren't in my city...we were in my hometown, at a quiet park enjoying everything about the day, and I had HAD enough.

After the 3rd f-word, I turned around and yelled, "exCUSE me?!" They didn't realize I was talking to them, and out came (surprise!) another f-word in their conversation. I yelled even louder, "WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!" The one kid barely glanced at me, but muttered "sorry" and they kept walking. I didn't hear anymore foul language. After that, they stayed on the opposite side of the lake, walking back and forth, but never circling around like everyone else does. It was clear they were avoiding me, which my mom found amusing. I mentioned something to her about the stupidity of provoking a momma bear. Seriously. Not to mention a very pregnant momma-bear with hormones running rampant through her body! Really? Bring it on. Stupid tweenage boys. Ugh!

Mike and I have many friends from all different walks of life. Most of them do not use foul language, some do, and a select few could make sailors blush. But EVERY ONE of them use "filters" when in public and especially around children. It's not difficult. It's called common courtesy...and I'm sick of the lack of it!

So the next day, we were shopping in a Carter's store before we met Mike for dinner. I had told Natalie she would like it there because they always have toys on a table she can play with. So we get inside and we find a lego table with 12 legos on it. (if you have a child, you know that would entertain them for about 30 seconds before they will be hanging on your leg, begging to leave) There were a few other things on the table, a bear, puzzle, and block train, but they were still wrapped up in packaging. Natalie kept asking if she could play with those toys, and we told her probably not, but I said we could ask. (usually at these stores, they have all kinds of toys opened up to play with, and then more on the shelves that you can buy)

So Natalie waits patiently for the store clerk to come out of the back office. When she does, Natalie says, "Excuse me, may I please play with those toys on the table? They aren't open." I was so proud of her for being so polite, what happened next shocked me! The lady brushes past us (sighing), goes over to the table and scoops up all the unopened toys muttering, "Some kid must have put them here. They don't belong here. No. You can't play with them." She walked off with the toys and left my daughter with her bottom lip trembling and tears running down her cheeks. I said (rather loudly--oops) "Oh that was nice!" Then spent the next few minutes consoling Natalie. I can understand if they didn't want the toys opened, but she could have been nice about it and maybe left the toys there to look at. Oh, and my FOUR-year-old showed more respect and kindness than YOU, lady!

When I got in line to check out, I ended up with miss rudeness herself (and she knew I was upset with was obvious) so she proceeds to try and make up by ooohing and ahhing over Natalie. She asks her about the baby sister on the way, how old she is, etc., etc. I didn't say a word. I'm just fed-up with the lack of decency and respect.

OK. Rant over.

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