Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keeping it classy...

At church last Sunday, I took Natalie potty after we picked her up from her Sunday school class. While we were washing our hands, I noticed the lady next to me was wearing a t-shirt. On her t-shirt was EVERY character from the show 'Family Guy.' I'm not kidding.

Fast forward 10 minutes on the drive home.

Mike: So while you were in the bathroom, this lady comes out, and on her t-shirt is---
Sarah: the family guy characters! I KNOW! Right?!
(we both crack up)

Oh how I love our immature moments! We couldn't get over the irony and uhm (dare I type it?) TACKINESS of someone wearing a shirt like that to church. TO CHURCH! Sure we probably all have tacky shirts, but most of us also have mother's that wouldn't hesitate to beat-us-senseless if we wore them to church. So pardon us for being a tad judgemental. It was beat ingrained into us since we were children that you dress your best on Sundays. :)

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