Friday, September 10, 2010

I don't suffer in silence...

I had a doctor's apt today with an ENT specialist. Over the past 12-18 months, I have suspected I had a polyp (gross I know!) in my nose/sinus. I have had 5 colds in the past year, and 4 of those have turned into sinus infections. What bothers me more than that is the constant 'tickle' that makes my eyes water and nose run. Pregnancy has only made these issues worse. It has come to the point of making me miserable most of the time, not to mention it's embarrassing! So! I had my dad look in my nose (lucky him) last week and he confirmed the polyp and told me to go see my ENT. Thanks Dad, for tolerating my cheap-ness and not making me go see my regular PCP. :)

The nurse was getting my history and Natalie asked me if she could tell her something. I said sure and this is what Natalie said:

"My Daddy was stuck in traffic today so I had to come here with Monnie. I miss him. My daddy is my best friend. He can do ANYthing, did you know that?"

So the nurse was 'awwwing' over her, and even though Natalie wasn't the patient, the next thing I know, Natalie got to pick out a toy from their toy bin. What!?! I was considering telling miss nurse how great MY daddy is when the doctor came in.

He started things off generic enough by looking in my ears, then throat, when he announced, "well, this definitely isn't an adenoid issue!" (I have nothing in the back of my tonsils, no adenoids, no uvula) Oops, forgot to put that surgery down on my medical history! In my defense I was distracted by my daughter while filling out that paperwork. But yes! A T&A would be a relevant surgery for an ENT to know about. *forehead smack!*

When he looked up my nose, he didn't get very far before spraying some antihistamine up there. Holy smokes people! That tickled so bad, I was miserable and had tears rolling down my cheeks. Natalie thought I was hurting and jumped off the chair to hold my hand telling me, "it's alright, Monnie, it'll be better soon." I explained I was fine and we moved on to the next torture procedure...only after he sprayed my nose again. Really, that annoying polyp was already looking like something I could tolerate for the rest of my life.

He picked up a light and a mirror and told me he was going to look in the back of my just to breathe very shallow so I don't gag. He stuck the mirror ALL the way back and maneuvered it around to look up on the other side of my soft pallet. This did not bother me a bit, as I don't seem to have much of a gag reflex. I never have, and I suspect it's because of the lack of "stuff" back there. But I was laughing on the inside, thinking of certain people I know who would have left at this point. LOL

Then he announces that he will be using a scope to look up into my sinuses. Yep! He puts a rubber hose up my nose on each side to confirm that I have one large polyp (that even wiggles around when I breathe which is why it tickles all the time!) and some inflammation on the other side. Apparently quite a bit of my nasal passage is blocked on both sides. Lovely.

So the plan is to wait until this baby is born so we can do a CT of my sinuses before they surgically remove the polyp. Sounds great--I'll be knocked out for the surgery. In the mean time, at least for the next couple months I will blend in with anyone else suffering from allergies. :)

As we were leaving, the nice security guard at the front desk asked me if Natalie could have a sucker. I said sure and helped her pick out a flavor she'd like. He had her take another one for her little sister, but told her to eat it for her. LOL He was such a sweet man....trying to fill her pockets with suckers! Our next stop was at the bank, and the teller sent her a sucker as well. She did pretty well today! I, as the patient, did not get anything...other than the privilege of paying the co-pay.

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Kathleen said...

I had sinus surgery for some polyps back like 6 years ago. It was the most amazing relief of my nasal-life. The healing isnt bad either, well unless your now-husband accidently elbows you in the nose 4 days post-surgery...yeah fun lol