Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanks Cole!

This past week, Mike and I went through YEARS of paid bills and receipts. No, we are not being audited, but it was just something that needed to be done. It took hours (and two nights) to sort through all of this mess. I turned out ipod on shuffle and surprisingly, we had a great time together while doing such a boring, tedious project! By the second night, we were singing obnoxiously loud to each other, and teasing each other about our dislike of the others music preferences. It was hilarious...to us. :)

Obviously, we needed most of the floor space to sort through all of this. The problem always occurs when Cole disagrees and plops himself right in the middle of everything! (Even when we play board games, he'll flop down right on top of everything, completely unaware that he's ruined game-play, just happy he's in the middle of everyone!) So sweet, and yet annoying at the same time.

So here is our Cole, just wanting to be near us. I think he laying on top of at least 7 different piles of paperwork:

(yes, I intentionally blurred out most of the photo)

So the tricky part is getting him up without him scattering papers everywhere. It's almost pointless to try. The moment you get him to move, he'll just wander over to another stack of papers close-by and flop down again. We've said this since he was a pup, "he just wants to be close." We love our gentle giant. Even IF we just shake our head in quiet frustration most days.

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