Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh pain!

Natalie's room is finished and she has been sleeping in there for quite a while now. I think it took her a solid week before the excitement died down and she started going to sleep right away. Mike and I decided to do some minor painting in the nursery (next door to hers) right after we tucked her in one night last week. We weren't too far along and then we heard a loud THUD, and then the painful crying. When we ran in there, we could immediately see a huge line-bruise appearing on her forehead. She had been jumping on her bed, holding onto the headboard. I guess she slipped or bent down and hit her head pretty hard on the bookshelf portion of the headboard (which is a 90 degree angle of wood) OUCH!

Now thankfully, this is the first time anything like this has happened. (Probably due to the fact that we don't have a coffee table--those always seem to be the culprit for toddlers head bruises) I checked her over and thankfully there was no broken skin, or anything indicating it was more serious than a painful goose-egg. After lots of snuggling, ice packs, and Tylenol, she was back in bed snoozing away. If you know me at all, then I don't need to even mention that I checked on her many times that night!

By the time I had her back in bed, Mike was long finished with the small painting project in the nursery. (He had just painted a few sections white, and left the rest pink) Over the next few days, I started to really dislike how it looked. It was very white, with white furniture, and I wanted COLOR!! So I picked out some color samples and we agreed on a green that would look great with the pink/green nursery bedding we're reusing. So yesterday while Natalie was napping, we tackled that project. Oh. my. goodness. it took forever! No more painting than what took 90 minutes in Natalie's room, took close to 4 hours in this room. The walls are a different texture and it was just a pain. But it's done, and once again , we love how it turned out.

So last night after my big day of painting, I started having the back pain that I've had before this pregnancy. It usually doesn't last long, but it is quite crippling. It also comes and goes without warning. Not only do I have pain on the left side of my lower back, but I can't bear any weight on my left leg. I can get through the pain, but I do NOT want to fall! Mike helped me many times yesterday evening when I ran out of things to hang onto in my path. He even got up twice at 1am, and again at 2:30 to help me to the bathroom and back. The third time, he didn't wake up, so I crawled there and back. I was almost laughing b/c of how ridiculous I must have looked! Each time I got back in bed, out-of-breath, and sweating from the pain and effort. Guess what? I would happily spend each day like this for this sweet little babe inside of me. Thankfully I don't have to, the pain is gone again today. Natalie and I have been running errands and enjoying our day together.

Mike flew to TX this morning for the entire week for a certification class for work. This particular certification is widely recognized in his industry. He'll have a few letters to add after his name by the end of this week. Oh, and his work is covering all expenses! :)

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