Sunday, August 1, 2010

Natalie's New Room!

The first picture is of our rarely-used, boring, 3rd bedroom. We don't even heat/cool it, and what you don't see in this picture is the pile of boxes and stuff (taking up lots of space) that belongs in storage. Mike and I went through everything last week. I organized and put stuff in boxes and containers, and he carried them downstairs.

Our next task was to find new bedroom furniture for Natalie. I found something we really liked for her on Craigslist, and Mike and his dad spent an evening picking it up, hauling it to our house, and hefting it upstairs to her new room. I was, pretty much, useless. I know I'm doing whats best for our sweet baby by not lifting and straining, but it's still hard not to feel guilty watching them work so hard while I do nothing. A million thank-yous to Randy for helping us! He gets a nice steak dinner later this week!

Natalie said she wanted a blue bedroom, so with the extra cash we had leftover from bartering the price down for the bedroom set, we bought the supplies needed to transform her new room. We spent just a couple hours painting, and the next two days I worked several hours moving her stuff in. Friday night she asked Daddy if she could sleep in her new room. He said yes, so we moved the a/c and mattresses in and she spent Friday night in her new blue room. She LOVES it!


Not everything is quite in place yet, but we're getting there!

Now we are working on getting the nursery ready. No major transformation there with another girl on the way, but Mike did paint some tonight and I've been organizing and cleaning the past few days.

Hopefully we can get the pallets in our basement this week and move the boxes downstairs! Then I can have my dining room space back!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! What a pretty blue, and her new furniture is great! I'm sure she loves her new room. Great job!