Thursday, August 26, 2010

More projects, baby stuff, and travel plans

Everything is going well here. No major news, just minor projects here and there. I am starting to reupholster our glider and ottoman we bought through craigslist. It will look fantastic when I'm done, but oh how I hate reupholstering furniture. It stresses me out. Completely different than sewing a blanket or making curtains. The money saved is worth it, as I got an amazing deal on microfiber material!! (75% off, plus coupon! Woohoo!) *sigh* Mike doesn't understand my shopping highs.

Baby is doing great, I am 26 weeks and have gained 15lbs. (I am very proud of the controlled weight gain this time around!) She is turned head-down now, although she may flip-flop a few more times before settling. I have precious tiny feet kicking under my ribs at the moment. Two nights ago, she had the hiccups for the first time as I was falling asleep. The baby memory book that I ordered (b/c I couldn't find anything in the stores I liked) finally arrived today and I started sniffling just reading through it, thinking of all the wonderful pictures and mementos I will be adding through the next few years. This still seems all too surreal to me at times.

Natalie is doing fantastic and we have been working on phonics lately. She loves to learn and be quizzed on her knowledge. Mike has had a few days off lately and she has LOVED having him home. She insists she wants Daddy to wake her, Daddy to read to her, Daddy to do this, that, and the other, etc.

We will be doing a bit of traveling in the near future. We will be going back to my hometown several times in September for a visit with family and friends, wedding shower, and wedding. In October, we will be flying down to Alabama to visit family and then driving to Georgia to celebrate Mike's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary! This will be Natalie's 3rd plane ride, but the first one she'll be able to remember. (She was 11 weeks old and 5 months old for the first couple plane trips) After the October trip, I think I'll be done traveling any major distances until after the baby gets here. I'm already guessing that the long car rides down south will be annoying to everyone else in the car with Natalie and I needing to stop for potty breaks all the time! LOL!

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Erin and Roger Bell said...

I love hearing your sensitivity in how you describe things you are feeling from the baby like those "precious" feet digging in your ribs, lol. I love all your updates and pictures, Natalie is getting so big! We miss all of you so much!!