Saturday, August 21, 2010

Long Night

Last night we had hours upon hours of thunderstorms. My mom sent me a text late last night "good luck sleeping, look at all the weather coming your way!! Have fun!" I could TOTALLY see her snickering as she typed that!! Of course the thunder started right at Natalie's bedtime, and lasted until early morning. Needless to say, I'm tired today...I'm betting there are many parents in the area that were up late too. This is the email I wrote my parents today:

Natalie did not fall asleep until 1am this morning. ONE am!!!! This is the latest she's ever been awake, BY FAR! I couldn't believe it. We did have some heavy lightning and really loud thunder though. We watched cartoons in our bed for a long time. She was so tired, but still nervous to go to bed. Finally there was a lull, and I sent her to bed...found her sitting outside our door, sent her back to bed again...and again. I think she was out by 1am. I was snoozing shortly after.

I heard some thunder again at 4:30 this morning, and thought "oh, you're funny, God." Thankfully it didn't wake her.

The kicker?

She came skipping into our room at 9am, big smiles, ready to take on the world! Ugh! Whose child is this?!

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Tate Family said...

Oh dear! That is a longgg night. :O